Sprint’s Unlimited Plans now $70/month AND Subject to Throttling after 23GB of Usage

Today, Sprint's price increase to their Unlimited Smartphone Data plans went into effect - raising the price from $60/month to $70/month.

Along with the price increase also comes the news that they are implementing network prioritization which could mean speed throttling for customers who exceed 23GB of data usage in a month. This is a direct retraction of their announcement this past June that they were getting rid of their 'Fairness Algorithm' and treating all customer equally.

They claim 23GB of monthly usage represents approximately the top 3% of users on their network, and they are aiming to protect the majority of their customers with this new Quality of Service policy.

Customers will only be throttled during high network congestion, and will still be able to use unlimited data - just a greatly reduced speeds. Speeds will return to normal once congestion dissipates on the tower they are connected to.

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However, the throttling policy will only apply to customers who sign up for a new plan today (10/16/15) or later, or who upgrade their smartphone and keep their unlimited plan. Those who already had unlimited plans are not subject to the new throttling policy as of yet.

Which means anyone signing up for a new unlimited plan will be paying both more per month and be subject to speed throttling. Those who are paying the now grandfathered in price of $60/month have unlimited unthrottled data.

Keep in mind however, on Sprint, unlimited data is on device only and included no tethering whatsoever. The feature is available as an add-on at $10 for 1GB of data up to $50 for 6GB of data.

At present time, T-Mobille unlimited customers are subject to throttling at 21GB of usage (their plans are available to new customers at $80/month and include 7GB of tethering), and AT&T grandfathered smartphone unlimited customers are subject to throttling at 22GB of usage.

Verizon remains the only carrier with grandfathered unlimited data plans that are completely unthrottled and available for hotspot usage.

Sprint's QoS Statement: Protecting the 97%

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