RVMobileInternet.com Celebrates 1-Year Birthday with a Book Sale!

This time last year, we were in the midst of our Indiegogo Campaign that we had launched to re-write and greatly expand The Mobile Internet Handbook, and it was clear from the outpouring of support that there was a need for an online resource center too.

So we started planning just what this website might be - news? articles? product reviews? a premium membership?

The Mobile Internet Handbook – 2015 US RVers Edition

The Mobile Internet Handbook – 2015 US RVers Edition

We registered the domain name RVMobileInternet.com and hired a web developer to come up with a platform to see what might emerge.

And wow.. what a year it has been!

Thanks to the overwhelming amount of support this site and our membership program has received - we've been able to focus a lot of time and energy on this website in return, elevating it from a side project to our daily focus.

Got Coverage?

We could not be more grateful for YOU, our readers and members, who supported us in growing this resource center so that our RVing peers can stay in the know on this always evolving topic.

Book On Sale - Save $2

To celebrate a year since our successful funding campaign, we've put The Mobile Internet Handbook on sale through the end of the month. Until May 31st, you can save $2 off the purchase on iBooks, Kindle, PDF (now $7.99) or Print (now $17.99) versions of the book.

Click any option to purchase now:

If you've not yet gotten our comprehensive 236 page guide to RV Mobile Internet, now is a great chance to snag your copy and save a couple bucks.

We've been told it makes a great gift too... *grin*

Introducing Premium Membership Auto-Renewing Discounts

The few. The mobile. The connected.

The few. The mobile. The connected.

With the book re-write last summer, we also launched a new premium membership service to further help those who rely on mobile internet. We dubbed the group the 'Mobile Internet Aficionados' (ie. the MIA) a couple months later.

We had no idea then what it would become, or even if enough people would subscribe to make it worthwhile running. So we set up all memberships to be a 1-year purchase, and we decided we'd figure out renewals later only if the program was successful.

We have to be honest and say we weren't sure in the beginning if this is something we too wanted to commit to long term.

In the past year, the MIA has become a full on classroom to compliment the book. We write in-depth guides, head-to-head product reviews, host monthly interactive web chats, and answer questions (in depth) in our private Q&A forums for our members.

And it's been a complete joy for us to be able to help so many who have joined us. We decided it was time to commit.

Earlier this week we quietly rolled out (optional) auto renewing annual subscriptions for all our levels of membership. Set up an automatic payment profile, and we'll give you a discount every year off membership as our thanks for joining us long term. And of course, you can cancel your auto payment selection at any time you wish.

Click for more Info on Membership Options & Join Us

Our first charter members will come up for renewal in August, and we'll have renewals online by then with auto-renewing subscription discounts available to continue on into the horizon with us. And as a thank you for our earliest members, we'll have some special additional discounts for those pioneers who supported us from the very beginning when this was just an idea.

Thank you again for supporting us in making this resource center a reality. You not only support us in living our passions of technology and nomadism, but you're also helping us help more of our RVing community keep connected to live thriving mobile lifestyles.

- Chris & Cherie / RVMobileInternet.com & Technomadia.com

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