Rollover Data Soon Available for AT&T GoPhone Customers

Today AT&T Mobility announced that they are adding on their popular Rollover Data program to some of their prepaid GoPhone offerings effective May 15.

Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 1.09.08 PMNew and existing customers who have either their smartphone $45 or $60 monthly plans will now be able to rollover unused high speed data to the next month. Earlier this year, AT&T added a similar rollover perk to their postpaid Mobile Share plans.

With the GoPhone offering, customers must re-enroll their plan on-time in order for any remaining data to be rolled over to the next month. And any rolled over high speed data will expire at the end of the next billing period.

The offering does not apply to their data only GoPhone products, just these two smartphone plans.

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Both of the qualified plans included unlimited data, however each has a different cap as to how much of that data is at high speed LTE. The $60 plan includes 4 GB and the $45/month plan includes 1.5 GB of high speed data. After those data caps are reached (plus any rolled over data from the previous month), the plans revert to slower throttled speeds for the remainder of the prepaid period.

Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 12.56.28 PMI did confirm this morning with AT&T customer support that their GoPhone smartphone plans do include the use of personal hotspot for connecting laptops and other devices, providing the device supports the feature. This is also confirmed in AT&T's blog post about the rollover data.

This makes AT&T's GoPhone program an intriguing and affordable option as a back-up carrier for RVers to have phone and data access should their primary carrier not be available at their current location. Or for customer who may not otherwise qualify for a prepaid AT&T plan that requires monthly billing and credit check.

The rollover feature would mean any unused data could be used next month as well.

More Information: AT&T Announcement


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