Selecting Antenna Cables, Connectors, and Adapters for Cellular & WiFi Devices (SMA, FME, N, TS-9, etc…)

Some things just don't fit together.

Some things just don't fit together.

One of the most confusing aspects of hooking up an antenna to a cellular booster or a hotspot is figuring out just how to fit Tab A into Slot B, when the cables just don't seem to fit together.

And speaking of the cables - they seem to come in a wide range of sizes and flavors too. Just what are the differences?

Adapters are available to bridge the gaps, but they aren't always easy to find - particularly if you don't even know the proper names for Tab A and Slot B.

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Or is it SMA, FME, and TS-9?

Is the end male or female? Is the polarity reversed? What does that even mean?!?

We're here to help...

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