Pantech MHS291L – Millenicom & Verizon Out of Stock

We just received word from Millenicom that they are again out of stock of the Pantech MHS291L hotspot device, and have no devices to ship.

Word is Verizon will be resupplying them in October, but very likely with a different device. Given recent news of Pantech's bankruptcy, and Verizon itself continuing to be out of stock with the device - this doesn't come as much of a surprise.

Got Coverage?

If you need to activate a new Millenicom plan while they are re-stocking, you do have the option of going through the 3GStore - they can sell you just a SIM to use in a compatible Verizon device, or can sell you other devices to activate on the plan.

We anxiously await learning what device will become the Millenicom standard, and will report back when we have any news to share. We'll of course be requesting a review unit to test as soon as they are shipping.


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