OmniLynx Offers Buyback of 6620L JetPacks for $15

This afternoon former OmniLynx participants received an e-mail offering a voluntary buyback of $15 for their Novatel 6620L Jetpack. A prepaid shipping label is provided to those who choose to participate, and the $15 will arrive in the form of a PayPal payment.

Considering the unlimited Verizon deal offered included the Jetpack for free, but required the return if service was not kept for 13 months - this is actually quite generous considering the plan was rescinded last month. But probably not temping enough to most to sell it back.

The e-mail received today by OmniLynx participants

The e-mail received today by OmniLynx participants

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There are plenty of other options for utilizing the JetPack, including:

  • Activating it on a direct Verizon plan, including an unlimited plan. We have heard back from many that have had no problem activating the SIM and Jetpack direct with Verizon. Just turn your Jetpack on and try to connect to anything, you'll be redirected to current plan options.
  • Re-use the Jetpack on AT&T or T-Mobile.
  • Selling it yourself on eBay - going prices seem to be $75-125 for used models
  • Keeping it as a spare in case your current options break
  • Gifting it to someone who might need it more than you

But should you choose to stick to the terms of the original deal and send yours back to OmniLynx, here is the link:  Contact Information Form

What customers can take away from this is, the Jetpack is officially yours to keep if you choose to. Sending it back to OmniLynx is completely optional. While the cheap unlimited Verizon plan may not have lasted long, most everyone comes out ahead with this deal.

OmniLynx has offered a new unlimited plan on T-Mobile, but the deal is only available to Huntsville students and staff.


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