Mobile Internet Black Friday Sales


If you'll be shopping over this Thanksgiving holiday weekend for your mobile internet arsenal, here's some Black Friday sales we noticed that we thought we'd pass along:

  • Wilson Mobile 4G - Free Cradle Antenna - The folks at are tossing in a free interior cradle antenna when you purchase this current mobile booster by Wilson.  Our review.  You can use discount code 'Technomadia' to get free ground shipping on your order as well. We don't know when this deal expires.
  • WiFiRanger Mobile Ti - Antenna Upgrade - We already reported that the folks at WiFiRanger are offering a free antenna upgrade to the XT when you purchase a Mobile Ti or RV PackTI, and are offering a $50 discount for existing customers to upgrade.  Use Discount Code 'WFRTechno' to save 5% on your order as well.  Deal expires on November 30.
  • Pepwave Surf SoHo - The folks at have the Pepwave Surf SOHO on sale for just $129.99 until December 1, with free shipping on all orders over $99.99.
  • Cellular Carrier Deals - The carriers seem to be focusing on deals on smartphones and tablets this Black Friday. However, Verizon is offering 1GB extra to its More Everything customers to add on to their plan this and next billing period to help keep connected (you can claim it on your online account). And AT&T continues to extend its double data deals for Mobile Share plans.

If any Mobile Internet Aficionados hear of any other mobile internet related special deals going on this week, be sure to let us know in the comments. We'll pass them along!

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Wherever this weekend finds you, we wish you ample mobile bandwidth to keep in touch with your loved ones, and lots of warmth of the heart and adventure.


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