Millenicom – What Does Tomorrow Look Like?


Screen Shot 2014-12-16 at 3.25.41 PMMillenicom has finally refreshed their entire website, and even has a new logo. It looks like they have fully moved on from being a reseller of cellular bandwidth and are embarking on new paths.

Screen Shot 2014-12-16 at 3.25.54 PMTheir latest venture is quite the departure into something they are calling HiFi - a 'non-radiatve wireless energy transfer' that they are claiming will bring unique global data, energy and voice connectivity. Or something like that, we're not quite sure what they're up to exactly.

They're apparently in full on testing of this new technology, and are posting results to their new blog.

Join the MIA

If we hear of anything to report that might be relevant to RV connectivity, we'll update.

In the meantime, after several extensions by Verizon it seems most former Millenicom customers who had not switched to a direct Verizon plan had their devices shut down last evening. There may still be some lingering accounts left active - but around 9pm last evening, the free LTE went out.

Once a former Millenicom device gets shut down by Verizon, the SIM cards are being black-listed. In other words, they can not be re-activated or used in other devices. However, former Millenicom devices can be re-activated on new plans by acquiring a  a new SIM card from the carrier.

Get the Book

So, we're calling this transition story closed for now.

Good bye old friend .. see you in the.. um.. aether

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