Millenicom & Verizon: Still No News, The Clock is Ticking

Less than a week to go until the end of the month, and we've not heard a peep of anyone getting direct contact from Verizon as to what the future holds for former Millenicom customer accounts they recently acquired.

The Pantech MHS291L Jetpack that Millenicom used to offer should work with Verizon Unlimited plans, and is XLTE compatible too!

The Pantech MHS291L Jetpack that Millenicom used to offer should work with Verizon Unlimited plans, and is XLTE compatible too!

With double data deals expiring on the 31st, and no clue if Millenicom serviced hotspots will continue operating into November - those dependent on mobile internet are getting nervous, and tired of waiting for Verizon to make contact.

They're making plans of their own from going direct with Verizon on a More Everything plan, migrating to AT&T, taking their chances with Sprint or T-Mobile based options or even navigating the hoops of obtaining an Unlimited Data Plan (UDP) from Verizon.

Got Coverage?

We've heard countless success stories of folks obtaining SIM cards from Verizon to activate their Millenicom hotspots direct with Verizon, and grabbing double data deals. And many have been able to obtain a UDP, and use the SIM in their hotspot as well. There's also a market for the former devices on eBay for those who wish to sell them, and some are keeping their devices around 'just in case' Verizon makes a good deal to former Millenicom customers.

Calling Verizon to inquire about their plans for Millenicom customers tends to still lead to confusion. Verizon representatives give out information varying all over the map. There's no indication that individual accounts are setup in their system for representatives to access.

verizon-wireless-logo2Are they playing a game of chicken to see how many customers will just sign up directly anyway with the double data deals? Or is it logistics holding them back as they get their ducks in a row to set everything up? Who knows, and anything is speculation.

The reality of the matter is however, the clock is ticking loudly for those who depended on their Millenicom account for their mobile connectivity. The time be to making solid plans for a post-Millenicom mobile existence is now.

Here are some past articles in this series that give some of the options available and answer the questions we've been fielding:

Here's some quick updates that we've been hearing buzz about around the inter webs:

  • Some folks activating More Everything plans with Verizon direct are having difficulty getting them to honor the $15/month per smartphone line if you bring your own out of contract phone. For some, it's taking vigilance to get the price, and re-checking account setups for charges of $40/line instead. This seems to be a particular problem for existing Verizon customers adding lines, but some new customers report it too.
  • announced they are offering to send you a Verizon SIM card to have around 'just in case'. For $10, including shipping this could be a great insurance policy and allow you to continue to wait and see. This would enable to you to call Verizon at anytime and activate your Millenicom hotspot without needing to find a Verizon store to get a SIM or wait for them to ship you one. Reports are Verizon will not just give you a SIM unless you are activating a line/device at the same time - so this is a unique option that can increase your options. Particularly if you are far from a Verizon store this week.

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