Millenicom Update: Verizon Extends Service until 12/15, Millenicom Cancels T-Mobile Service

verizon-wireless-logo2Today was the day former Millenicom customers who had not transitioned to a direct Verizon plan anticipated their devices being shut down. But again, Verizon seems to have extended service for at least some customers and we're getting reports of this e-mail going out from Verizon:

A review of your account indicates that you have a MiFi mobile internet device and a wireless service plan with Millenicom. Effective 12/15/14, Verizon Wireless service to your MiFi device will be suspended.

In order to avoid a disruption of service, please contact us at 800-233-8974, Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM Eastern time to replace your current plan with a Verizon Wireless plan.

Earlier last week some former Millenicom customers however had their devices shut down by Verizon, ourselves included. And some customers are receiving calls from Verizon and having their service discontinued if they turn down the option to take out a direct plan.

Should former Millenicom customers decide they'd like to transition to a direct Verizon plan, to the best of our knowledge they are still offering two different deals:

Got Coverage?
  • $99.99/month for 20GB of service, plus taxes and fees (which seem to come out to about $5-7/month). No contract required.
  • Or, moving a More Everything plan with 30GB of shared data a month with another device for $130/month plus device fees. This is equivalent to the 'double data' deal Verizon offered in October.

Looks like former Millenicom customers have another week to make the decision.

T_Mobile_logo_Magenta_lowIn other Millenicom news, we've heard confirmation that those who had been holding on to their T-Mobile unlimited (non LTE) domestic & international plan (previously offered when they had a killer iPad Mini deal last year) - will be canceled at the end of this year.

Due to recent changes, effective January 1, 2015, Millenicom will discontinue service to your International iPad Plan. No further billing will occur. To continue mobile broadband service on your iPad you will need to contact T-Mobile to set up an account.

Customers who would like to continue tablet iPad service can pick up a SIM card from T-Mobile for $15 and receive 200MB of  LTE data a month for $10/month (or free if you have a T-Mobile voice line). Or purchase one of their no-contract plans starting at $20/month for 1GB of domestic LTE data, unlimited non-LTE and unlimited international data.

Still a great deal, particularly for those who integrate in some international travel throughout the year.


Sadly however, that was the last of mobile internet options offered by Millenicom left.


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