Millenicom Makes Usage Tracking a Little Easier

Has anyone else noticed that Millenicom's customer portal has been recently improved to make finding your 'current' usage just a tad easier?

Once you log in, the very first page you see is your Millenicom Dashboard, with your current Product List.  And now, one of your columns is your usage.

Screen Shot 2014-09-14 at 9.34.20 AM

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Previously, you had to go to the top of the screen, select 'Products', then 'Product List', then select the service plan and then.. at the bottom of the screen you'd see your usage.  This should make things a lot quicker, and use less bandwidth to see how much bandwidth you've used!

Thanks Millenicom!

Of course, I use the word 'current' lightly - as it still appears that Millenicom is only able to give us usage totals a few times a week.  Today is the 14th, and the last reading they have for us is on the 11th.  (And yup, they'll soon be asking us to pay for another 20GB of data...  we've been using a lot lately getting The Mobile Internet Handbook done!)

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If you're using a Pantech MHS291L as your Millenicom device, they've been getting usage reports in more real time for a while now, which is super handy.

Click for more information on the Millenicom Hotspot Plan, one of our top recommendations for high bandwidth mobile users.


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