MetroPCS Prepaid T-Mobile Plans Get More Data & Music Streaming

Yesterday, T-Mobile launched increased data options and video streaming services on its direct Simple Choice plans. Today, the uncarrier announced that its prepaid brand, MetroPCS is also getting some new perks.

Starting on November 19, some of the plans will now include an extra GB of data. And the unlimited data plan will now included 8GB (instead of 6GB) of data that can be used for tethering to get other devices online.

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MetroPCS plans priced over $40 will also include unlimited music streaming on over 33 music services that doesn't count against the customer's high speed data bucket. A feature T-Mobile customers have enjoyed for over a year now.

The plans will also benefit from the network's Data Maximizer technology, which allows three times the video streaming for the same data usage. This is what is behind T-Mobile's new Binge On unlimited video streaming service, which is not included in the MetroPCS plans.

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MetroPCS's current plans (pre Nov 19)

The new pricing for the plans will be:

  • $30 / month – Unlimited talk, text & data with 1GB of 4G LTE data for each line, with Data Maximizer
  • $40 / month – Unlimited talk, text & data with 3GB of 4G LTE data for each line (up from 2GB), now with Music Unlimited, Data Maximizer
  • $50 / month – Unlimited talk, text & data with 5GB of 4G LTE data for each line (up from 4GB), now with Music Unlimited, Data Maximizer
  • $60 / month – Unlimited talk, text and 4G LTE data on your smartphone + 8GB of Mobile Hotspot tethering for each line (up from 6GB), now with Music Unlimited, Data Maximizer

Family plans get a $5/line discount off the above prices, and all of MetroPCS's pricing is inclusive of taxes and other fees. Data usage is unlimited after the high speed data cap has been used, just at lower speeds. For $5 extra per month, customers can add on unlimited talk, text and data in Mexico.

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MetroPCS also offers tablet prepaid plans for $25 for 4GB of data and $35 for 6GB of data. There is no official word yet if these plans will have any changes to them.

Unlike T-Mobile's postpaid Simple Choice plans, the MetroPCS plans do not include perks like Data Stash, Binge On video streaming or Mobile without Borders.

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