MaximumSignal’s ‘Max Amp Mobile’ Passes FCC Inspection

Another LTE multi-band mobile booster has successfully navigated the FCC approval process and will be entering production soon.

MaximumSignal excitedly announced in RVing forums yesterday that their Max Amp Mobile product has been assigned 'FCC ID2AC4N-MAXAMPMOBILE' indicating they are now FCC approved. 

Details and specifications will be published to their website soon, and RV Mobile Internet Resource Center's Chris & Cherie and Jack Mayer will be receiving the first units off the production line for independent testing. We'll be primarily comparing the unit to the Wilson Mobile 4G, it's closest competitor.

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We're excited about the potential of this unit, as it's designed with RVers in mind.

We'll be sharing our initial testing results with our Mobile Internet Aficionados (join to be 'in the know' on this and other mobile internet topics), and then publishing our official review publicly.

Stay Tuned!

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