Using a Verizon Jetpack Hotspot on T-Mobile or AT&T

The Verizon Novatel MiFi 6620L can be used (with some limitations) on T-Mobile and AT&T as well.

A Verizon hotspot, like the old Novatel MiFi 6620L, can be used (with some limitations) on T-Mobile and AT&T as well.

Fun fact: most Verizon hotspots can be repurposed onto use with other carriers.

If you've got an old Verizon hotspot laying around - or maybe even a brand spankin' new one - and no longer wish to use it on Verizon's service, T-Mobile and AT&T are options. There are some limitations with this use, but better limitations than being limited to 'paperweight'.

Read on to learn more.

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