Got Slow Millenicom Verizon LTE Hotspot Speeds? Here’s the Fix..

Ever since Verizon and Millenicom re-negotiated their offerings which went into effect on May 1st of this year, some customers have experienced throttled speeds after using just a few GB of data.

The root cause seems to be a bug in Verizon's provisioning system that they have promised Millenicom they will be fixing "soon". That fix still hasn't occurred. In the meantime, Millenicom has no way to know an account has gotten messed up until a user reports it, and then they get Verizon to make the fix by re-provisioning the account.

It is certainly frustrating for everyone involved. But the fix is fast and easy.

Got Coverage?

Millenicom customers are supposed to be receiving full network speeds for their entire 20GB of data each month - with no throttling. So if your speeds suddenly go from blazing fast to dreadfully slow (and your device is displaying a solid LTE signal) - open a support ticket with Millenicom immediately.

You can do so by logging into your member account at and clicking 'Submit an Issue' or calling them at 1-888-925-4221. Be sure to mention that you are in a LTE area but not getting the speed and request that they contact Verizon to re-provision your account.

The fix usually happens within hours and customers are back to happy surfing. It should also be a permanent fix without reoccurring in the future.

Don't endure the pain of slow mobile internet for longer than you have to!

Hopefully Verizon gets this sorted out and it no longer impacts customers and Millenicom staff.


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