Get your ‘Mobile. Connected.’ T-Shirt! Limited Edition Run!!


Screen Shot 2014-08-13 at 10.52.05 PMTo celebrate the launch of The Mobile Internet Handbook - 2014 US RVers Edition, and the launch of this website, we've designed a T-shirt.

We didn’t want something that was promotional of the book or the new website.

We wanted something that anyone who depends on mobile internet would be proud to wear as a symbol of their awesome mobile and connected lifestyle. Our infinity road symbol was designed with this goal in mind. A simple symbol with so much meaning.

And for the next two weeks, you can order one of our limited edition T-Shirts to show the world that YOU are mobile and connected.

Join the MIA

The front of the shirt (women's V-neck)

We’re using to print and distribute the T-shirts – which is run campaign style. The ordering period is for only two weeks and will end on August 28th.

The shirt has a small symbol on the front with simply the words ‘Mobile. Connected’.  The back of the shirt has the symbol larger.

Get the Book

There’s no promotional material on this shirt at all. It’s all about mobility and connectivity and this awesome lifestyle we love.  We’ve selected several different high quality T-shirts in different colors, and kept the prices affordable at under $20 for most options.  So you can choose what is best for you. There’s V-necks, crew necks, men’s and lady’s fits.  They’re in various shades of grey, teals, blues and even a tie die version.

If the demand is high enough, we may repeat T-shirt sales in the future. But for now, consider this a VERY limited edition run. So act within the next 2 weeks if you want a shirt.

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