Product Overview: Iridium GO! (Satellite Internet)

iridium-go-mobile-satellite-reviewThe Iridium constellation provides global coverage with 66 swarming satellites orbiting 475 miles up.

Iridium is known for powering handheld satellite phones that enable voice calls anywhere on the planet, but the network does support limited data service too.

Iridium launched a satellite Wi-Fi hotspot in 2014 – the Iridium GO! – retailing at $999. Plans currently start at $49/mo, or you can get unlimited (but extremely slow 2.4Kbps) data for $139/mo.

At that speed, uploading a single high-resolution image might take hours, and even a basic web page might take 5–10 minutes to display. This is not a device for surfing on - but it can be a great communication option for places where there are no other consumer affordable options.

The other big gotcha is that all data usage must go through Iridium's special apps on your phone or tablet – you cannot get a laptop online or use arbitrary apps.

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Small form factor, slow speeds and data must be used through their app - however an affordable option.

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