Un-Transferred Former Millenicom Accounts to Suspend on Dec 1

Verizon has sent out another round of e-mails to former Millenicom customers who have not yet transferred to a direct Verizon plan that service on thieir MiFi devices will be suspended on December 1st if no action is taken.


Screen Shot 2014-11-20 at 6.00.03 PM

Get the Book

Former Millenicom customers have the choice of a $99.99/month plan for 20GB of data, and customers wanting a More Everything mobile share plan have also been offered a 30GB plan for $130/month plus device fees to combine with a smartphone or other device.

Join the MIA

Originally Verizon announced November 8 would be the cut-off date after they acquired the accounts from Millenicom on October 16.  Millenicom accounts were paid up until the end of October, and no billing occurred for the Verizon based plans for the month of November unless customers called in to setup a direct billing arrangement with Verizon.

We think that's a gracious transition period to ensure most every Millenicom customer has time to make the switch if they choose to.  Hopefully most, if not all, have gotten word of the change by now.


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