Former Millenicom Customers: Check Your Verizon Bill for ‘Tech Coach’ Charge


We've been receiving a few reports from former Millenicom customers who switched direct to Verizon that they're seeing a $7-8/month charge on their bills for the 'Tech Coach' service.

This is an optional add-on service that seems to have snuck in during some account setups during the transition. Verizon describes the service as:

"Verizon Tech Coach is a service that gives you over-the-phone, personalized technical support from experts in Verizon Wireless devices and consumer electronics."

So far, most of the reports are coming from customers who opted to switch their former Millenicom service to a 30GB More Everything share plan under the double data deals offered last year.  The charge is associated with their monthly fee for the JetPack service.

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We've not heard of this yet applying to those who took the $99.99/month 20GB transition deal - but if you find the charge on your bill for that, do let us know.

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In the meantime, check your Verizon bill carefully. If you didn't request this service and authorize this charge, contact Verizon and ask for it to be removed. You may even be able to request a refund if you've not actually used the service.

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