Canadians Gaining More Options for US Mobile Internet

As Canadian RVers start heading south into the US to seek warmer winter adventures, the question of how to keep online always comes up.

With Millenicom out of the picture and signing up directly with US based carriers difficult without a US address and credit card, the options used to be pretty slim.

But a few recent announcements might help make it a little easier for our Canadian friends to keep online while exploring the US.

Got Coverage?

0114_KnowRoaming32432KnowRoaming - Earlier this month, Toronto-based SIM sticker maker is offering an unlimited data package for $7.99/day that covers customers in 55 countries they have roaming agreements with.  You purchase a SIM sticker for GSM based phones and tables for $29.99 that auto-detects when you leave your home country, and then authorize the charge while abroad. They can also supply a local phone number. We were not able to confirm if the service allows for personal hotspot or tethering of the data, or if it is on device only.

Screen Shot 2014-11-13 at 11.00.49 AMRoam Like Home - Effective November 10, Canadian carrier Rogers launched a new service for their customers traveling to the US. For just $5/day (with a $50/month maximum charge), customers can access their plans in the US.  So if a customer has an unlimited talk & text plan with a 6GB of shared monthly data - the entire plan can be used in the US too.  Customers just need to text the word 'travel' to 222, to enroll in the plan and they are only billed for days they use the service.

Roam Mobility - Utilizing T-Mobile's network in the US, Roam Mobility supplies a SIM card to Canadian customers for as little as $3.95 a day for 400MB of LTE data.

WIND Mobile -  Newer Canadian carrier WIND Mobile began offering unlimited US roaming earlier this year as part of its regular plans, which may be an option for some.

With more options for Canadians to travel in the US, we hope to see many more of you online this winter, and hopefully out exploring the warmth of our southern states!



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