Halloween Surprise: BMI Abandons Mobile Internet Users with Just One Day’s Notice!

If you thought Millenicom customers have had it rough, users of Blue Mountain Internet's Sprint-powered unlimited data plan are finding a lot more trick than treat in their inboxes today -- they are having their service canceled with just one day's notice!

BMI is not nearly as well known in the RVing world as Millenicom, but they have been around for years offering mobile broadband service powered by either Sprint or Verizon's network behind the scenes.

BMI used to offer an "unlimited" data plan for $99/mo on Sprint's network - with the only limit being that streaming video was disallowed.

But today, the customer's using this service received this email:

Got Coverage?

Dear BMI Mobile Broadband Customer,

This email is in regards to your existing mobile broadband rental account with Blue Mountain Internet.

We received notification yesterday from our upline provider that our mobile broadband accounts utilizing the Sprint network (Net2) will all be cancelled on Friday, Oct. 31st, 2014. We apologize for the short notice but we just received notice yesterday.

With that said, BMI is proud to announce NEW HIGH DATA options for you with our Mobile Broadband service powered by Verizon. This includes double data plans and free hardware rental options. BMI has used Verizon for years and it is very reliable with the best coverage and speeds. Based on your usage, we feel that our 20Gb or 10Gb plan will work very well for you. Additionally your first month service will have no overage charges, to help determine if this works for you.

Your Options:
1. Switch to BMI Mobile Broadband powered by Verizon (use the form below please)
2. Cancel your service with BMI (respond to this email with cancel)

Special Promo Signup Form:
Note: we can drop ship same day from Verizon to you - if order received by 1PM.

BMI Mobile Broadband Information:


Blue Mountain Internet

BMI still offers Verizon powered service, but for heavy data users the deal isn't so great...

BMI still offers Verizon powered service, but for heavy data users the deal isn't so great...

BMI also offers a mobile hotspot service on Verizon, with 10GB of data for $100/mo, and 20GB for $120/mo - with free hotspot device rental included in the plan.

These plans are discounted to $85 and $100 a month if you pay quarterly, and the "special promo" for existing customers impacted by this Sprint shutout is that they can get the quarterly price while paying monthly.

Overages on BMI are $20/GB - surprisingly higher than the $15/GB Verizon typically offers.

BMI's other advertised perk is a software optimizer that they claim can compress your usage so that you can get "3x the data for free". We've never tried their software, but similar "optimizers" from the day's of dialup left a lot to be desired. We'd love to hear a field report from any BMI customer how well this has worked for you.

First Millenicom, and now BMI... Both forced to shut down with hardly any notice.

At least Millenicom was able to negotiate a transition plan - BMI customers seem like they will be left without even a way to get online tomorrow!

It is starting to seem like the days of truly independent MVNO's reselling bulk data are numbered...


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