AT&T Quietly Ends Double Data Deals

ATT-Logo1Back in October, AT&T rolled out 'Double Data Deals' on their Mobile Share plans of over 15GB of data. And they kept the promotion going, despite Verizon ending theirs in early November.

We were just doing our routine check of pricing, and noticed AT&T has refreshed their Mobile Share plan page - and double data deals are gone. We had just done a refresh to our cellular plan pricing guide on February 4, and they were still offering the deals then - so it seems they have quietly let the promotion end.

We also noticed that their highest level of data is now at 50GB, whereas under the double data deal promotions you could get up to 100GB. Their new high tier rates are roughly in line with Verizon's now. Screen Shot 2015-02-09 at 11.40.13 AM

Confirming with AT&T chat support this morning, they said the deals actually ended on January 31 so that they could make room for their new rollover data feature.

Got Coverage?

Double data pricing was great while it lasted, and we truly hope that many folks were able to snag one of those deals.

If you did take advantage of the promotion from either Verizon or AT&T, do keep in mind that if you ever want to change the amount of data on your shared data plan - you WILL lose the promotion and will not be able to keep the special pricing.

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