AT&T Promises WiFi Calling… Next Year

wifi-calling-iphoneNot to be overly upstaged by T-Mobile's big WiFi calling announcements this week, AT&T also just revealed its own plans to offer WiFi calling (aka VoWiFi or "Voice Over WiFi") to customers.

But not until sometime in 2015.

WiFi calling enables voice and text calls to be routed over connected WiFi networks, enabling coverage in places that cellular just can't reach.

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T-Mobile has jumped way into the lead embracing WiFi calling - but mostly out of necessity since T-Mobile's network coverage lags so far behind.

Sprint has also begun to offer WiFi calling on a few phone models as well, but does not yet support a seamless handoff between WiFi and cellular networks - meaning calls will drop when you step away from a hotspot.

AT&T and Verizon have much better cellular coverage, so WiFi calling is not nearly as important for the big two. But there are still places where WiFi can be found and cellular lacks, and for nomads who have a hotspot on one cellular network and phones on another - WiFi calling gives more ways to stay connected when your phone's may be out of range but your hotspot is not.

It is disappointing that AT&T is lagging behind in this, but at least they have announced an intention. Verizon has given no update on when, if ever, they will support WiFi calling.


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