AT&T Joins Promotional Pricing for 15GB Shared Data

ATT-Logo1Beginning tomorrow, new and existing AT&T customers can snag 15GB of data for the price of 10GB ($100/month) on Mobile Share Value plans.  Prices are before any device fees for smartphones, tablets or hotspots added to the plan.

The new pricing now makes AT&T's 15GB data plan on par with the recent pricing change Verizon announced at the beginning of the month.

Additionally, AT&T has announced they are going to continue offering their previous double data deals they started in October and had extended until November 15. Those deals apply to Mobile Share plans at the 15GB or higher levels.  And unlimited international texting from the US, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands is now included at no extra charge on Mobile Share plans.

Both offers are for an undisclosed 'limited time.' To grab either of the deals, customers can claim the extra data via their online accounts, or in person at an AT&T store.

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verizon-wireless-logo2So far, there has been no double data deal matching announcement from Verizon, who discontinued their October Double Data deals at the beginning of the month. However the carrier has announced that surprises are coming for customers for Black Friday. One known perk is an extra 1GB of data for customers who claim it online, to help them keep connected during the holiday season.

In other Verizon news, effective November 14 they implemented new stiffer early termination fees for new customers under contract. Thankfully, staying out of contact is easier than ever before by purchasing devices for full price, bringing your own device or utilizing the carrier's own financing programs like Next and Edge. A strategy we recommend for RVers who need to remain flexible in their mobile internet setup as technology and their own travel styles evolves.

More Information: ARSTechnica Article 



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