AT&T Adds Mexico Roaming Bonus to Mobile Share Plans

On Friday, AT&T added in an extra bonus for its consumer and business Mobile Share Value plan customers - free talk and text within Mexico, and 1GB of data per line. Additional data usage is charged at $20/GB, and is not eligible for rolling over like their domestic plans. Calling to the US from Mexico is also included.

All for no extra monthly fee.

Customs just need to log into their AT&T account and opt in to receive the feature, which AT&T is calling both 'Mexico Roaming Bonus' and 'FreeRoaming in Mexico'.

Got Coverage?

Tip: Even if you don't plan to cross into Mexico, RVers who frequent locations close to the border may want to opt in to avoid any unintentional international roaming charges that can occur if you're near Mexico borders.

Earlier this year, AT&T closed a deal to buy Mexico carriers Iusacell and Nextel Mexico, in an effort to create one  unified North American network.

For RVers who cross borders into Mexico this winter, the options for utilizing domestic carrier plans have drastically increased since this time last year.

AT&T Press Release: Data in Mexico At No Cost

This year has definitely seen major changes in international options, especially for RVing in Canada and Mexico. We're currently working on updating our 'International Travel' chapter of The Mobile Internet Handbook, and our premium members will have early access to the updated guide before we release the 2016 edition of the book.

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