Verizon Unlimited Data Plans No Longer Transferrable via AOL effective November 13

We have received reliable confirmation that Verizon representatives have been officially notified that effective November 13, Verizon is changing their Assumption of Liability (AOL) policy. Previously, whoever was assuming liability of an unlimited data plan would be able to keep the unlimited plan plan on an older style Nationwide plan.

With the upcoming change, all customers doing an AOL will be required to switch the line to a current data pricing plan - which currently would be a More Everything plan that does not include unlimited data.

Many RVers have utilized these grandfathered in unlimited data plans as a source of bandwidth on the nation's most widespread network, and there was quite a market for purchasing grandfathered in plans to assume liability on.

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Verizon recently rescinded its announcement that they would be throttling unlimited LTE data plans. In recent weeks, there have been a glut of the plans on the market due to an iPhone 6 ordering glitch that allowed new UDP plans to be spawned. Those taking advantage of the loophole have been literally giving away the plans on various mobile internet forums and eBay, some are even paying people to take over the plans - which come with a 2 year contract. We've been curious how Verizon would handle the deluge of new unlimited plans, and now we know.

If you've been sitting on the fence about acquiring one of these verizon-wireless-logo2plans, now is likely your last chance. Be prepared to have an unlocked LTE Verizon phone ready to transfer the plan to by November 13. And know upfront that once you take over a plan, which will likely have a 2 year contract on it, you will NOT be able to transfer the liability on to someone else in the future. Also expect Verizon's AOL phone line to have longer wait times as the clock ticks.

Winter 2015 Update: Some loopholes have been discovered that still allow these unlimited plans to be transferred under AOL despite the policy change, and there are now rental plans on the market. As such, we have updated and brought back our 10,000+ word guide to understanding the risks, acquiring and keeping an unlimited plan and utilizing the unlimited data with laptops and other devices.

The Guide: Navigating Verizon Grandfathered Unlimited Data Plans – Assumption of Liability, Buying & Renting

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