Sprint to Increase Price of Unlimited Phone Plan by $10/month on Oct 16

Sprint rumored a while back that they would likely need to increase the price of their unlimited phone plans at some point, and potentially even discontinue them in the future. Today, they announced an upcoming $10/month price increase on their unlimited phone plans that include unlimited talk, text and data.

The price will be going from $60/month to $70/month, and existing customers can keep their old rate and even upgrade phones in the future. They're giving a 2-week notice for anyone who wants to get in on the old pricing.

Should you jump on this deal?

First of all, it's important to understand some of the limitations of this plan and Sprint in particular.

Of the four carriers, we rank Sprint the least interesting for most RVers. Their network coverage map is quite sparse in comparison to Verizon & AT&T, and even T-Mobile. Unless you're sticking to urban areas or the interstates, Sprint is not likely to serve you well for traveling.

sprints-roaming-coverageSprint roams quite frequently outside of those areas, and they have a measly 100-300mb cap of allowable domestic roaming per month.

Got Coverage?

Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 3.16.57 PMSecondly, these unlimited plans are phone plans - not mobile hotspot plans. While the data is truly unlimited and unthrottled on your phone, the plans do not include use of mobile hotspot to get other devices online. The feature is available as an add-on at $10 for 1GB of data up to $50 for 6GB of data.

The unlimited data on your phone however, can make for a decent entertainment device for streaming video content. Especially combined with a HDMI out cable to a larger screen.

Because of these reasons, we really don't consider Sprint's unlimited plans to be overly useful for most RVers. T-Mobile on the other hand has an unlimited phone data plan that includes 7GB a month of mobile hotspot use for $80/month (which is also a pretty limited network at present time.) At present time, that is the only other unlimited plan that is available direct from any of the major carriers.

However, if you wanted in at $60/month - nows your chance. You can get the plan when using their leasing program, iPhone Forever program (now starting at just $1/month) or bringing your own device.

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