Millenicom ‘Out of Stock’

One of our top picks for mobile internet for RVers - the Millenicom Hotspot Plan - is currently out of stock.

We have confirmed with our contact there that the situation is caused by Verizon corporate also being out of stock of the Pantech MHS291 MiFi/Jetpack device. Current projection is that Millenicom will be resupplied with new hotspots to activate new plans 'by the end of the month'.

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Meanwhile, those wanting to activate a new plan can do so via 3GStore - as they are able to offer alternate Verizon compatible devices, including selling just SIM cards so that customers can activate their own devices.

The Millenicom plan is one of our top recommendations as it provides 20GB of LTE data on the Verizon network for just $89.99/month, with no contract. Click for more details on this plan.

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We will update if we receive any further news on this, or hear that Millenicom has devices back in stock.


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