Maximum Signal Passes a Major FCC Hurdle

We have a Wilson 4G Mobile due to arrive tomorrow to start playing with.. and we just heard great news from Maximum Signal that they just passed a major hurdle in getting their FCC approval to start ramping up for production on their very promising sounding Max-Amp unit. We've been told that Jack Mayer and us will be getting one to play with soon - and we will be reporting back here.

Our recommendation for cellular boosting still remains 'If you don't need it *RIGHT* now... waiting a couple months after more of the new boosters are on the market and reviewed.. is in your best interest.'

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If you want an inexpensive solution in the meantime, the Wilson 4G Sleeks are a great option.

We'll be sharing right here about our experience with the Wilson as we start playing. The biggest hurdle we've heard about it so far from other reports is the limited 2' radius of interior boosted space you get from it.

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