FreedomPop to offer Free Data on Tablets

Sprint MVNO FreedomPop will soon be selling refurbished tablet devices, starting with the iPad Mini and Samsung Galaxy Tab 3. All customers will receive 500 MB a month of free LTE data on the device, and customers can also bring their own Sprint enabled LTE tablets to the plan.

As an added twist, FreedomPop will also be offering 200 voice minutes and 500 texts on the tablets via a custom app... opening the door to consumers no longer needing to own a phone and tablet.

Got Coverage?

FreedomPop resells service on the Sprint network, and the offering will only be available in current Sprint LTE markets to start. Extra data can be purchased at $10 per GB, or $20 will get unlimited service (presumably throttled after high usage).

For RVers, this may provide an alternate backup communication option in one package on the Sprint network.

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