Cool RVer Stuff Announced at Apple WWD 2014


Today was Apple's World Wide Developer Conference keynote - and the first public showing of iOS 8 and Mac OS X 10.10 "Yosemite".

There is a lot of awesome stuff in the pipeline - this was perhaps Apple's biggest single software announcement day since iOS was first released.

One new thing that in particular that will be great for mobile internet users - the "Personal Hotspot" feature is getting even easier to use. Mac OS Yosemite will notice your nearby iPhone automatically, and let you connect your Mac to the internet without even needing to turn on Hotspot first.

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A Mac running Yosemite actually becomes a full-on extension to your iPhone. Not only can you get online, but you can make/receive calls, and even send text messages - without ever needing to pull out your phone.

A nearby iPad also gains the same capabilities.

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For RV applications - this means that you can leave your phone in a booster cradle, and yet still use it directly from your computer on your lap or desk.

There are about 1000 other awesome new features announced today, but they will have to wait for later. Meanwhile, I am waiting for the beta release of iOS 8 to finish downloading...


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