Baseball Fans: T-Mobile Offering Free Year of MLB.TV Premium

Watching live sports of your favorite team is always a challenge for RVers and cruisers, but T-Mobile's annual special makes it easy and free - as long as you're a T-Mobile subscriber.

T-Mobile is reprising their annual offer of free MLB.TV for subscribers, a massive discount over the $116 retail price. This is great news for baseball fans!

Additionally, streaming MLB.TV also does not use any data for those with older Binge On compatible plans - since MLB.TV is a free streaming partner with T-Mobile.

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Important Note: Existing MLB.TV customers, including those who took advantage of this deal last year, MUST cancel their existing MLB.TV subscription by 8:00 pm ET on Friday, March 23rd, to be eligible for another free year.

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Stream Me Out To The Ballgame

You can sign up starting on Tuesday, March 27th but the deal will only be available for one week - until 11:59 pm ET on April 2nd, 2018.  You must download and open the T-Mobile Tuesdays App (or visit the Tuesdays website if you have a data-only T-Mobile device) while on the T-Mobile network to sign up to receive the free 2018 MLB regular season subscription.

Here is the official deal for 2018:

T-Mobile is hittin’ it outta the park for customers -- again! To get ready for MLB’s Opening Day, Un-carrier customers can score a FREE year’s subscription of MLB.TV and the MLB At Bat app’s premium features —a $115.99 total value. And, for the MLB-themed giveaway week, baseball fans also have a chance to win an all-expenses paid dream trip to the 2018 MLB All-Star Week in Washington D.C.! It’s all comin’ in hot to the T-Mobile Tuesdays app, March 27th.


  • MLB.TV games are subject to league blackout rules based on your current geolocation (as determined by GPS or network lookup), not your billing zip code. However, when you are away from "home" you should have no trouble at all streaming your home team.
  • The fine print and FAQ states this is "not for use on other carriers’ wireless devices" - This is designed to prevent you from using another carrier's cellular device to stream MLB games using MLB.TV you got for free from this deal.  Based on our research, some MLB.TV accounts from last year's deal were closed for violating this provision.  So exercise caution!

Even if you are just a casual baseball fan, this is a pretty sweet deal - and totally worth jumping on.


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