AT&T Increasing Price on Original iPhone Unlimited Plans – Again

(UPDATE: 6/14/18)

In response to this price increase, T-Mobile announced an offer aimed at current AT&T customers with this plan. In typical T-Mobile "uncarrier" style, the company is calling it the "WTH (Why the Hike) Deal."

The promotion itself is simple: In addition to T-Mobile's other incentives to switch carriers, T-Mobile will also give those who switch from this old plan a $250 bonus paid via prepaid card.  Verification will be required for eligibility.

Switchers must sign up for the T-Mobile ONE plan and port an existing number from the grandfathered AT&T plan.

T-Mobile states this is a "limited time" offer but does not give an expiration date.  The promotion is available beginning June 20th, 2018.

(Original Story: 5/29/2018) Folks who have been hanging on to the AT&T Original iPhone Unlimited Plans, released in 2007 when the iPhone first debuted - have been seeing notices on their bill that another $5 increase is coming in July 2018.

This will bring the data portion of the bill from $40 to $45/month. That is on top of talk and text minutes - which brings the single line plan price up to $105.

Got Coverage?

The $5/month price increase only affects mobile customers who have held onto unlimited iPhone data plans after AT&T stopped selling them to new subscribers back in 2010.

These plans also saw $5/month price increases in February 2016 and March 2017.

These now grandfathered AT&T iPhone Unlimited Plans never allowed for mobile hotspot use or tethering - data is on device only. 'Jailbreaking' a device in order to allow for tethering while on a grandfathered AT&T unlimited plan has a history of the plan being revoked.  The plans also don't include use internationally.

With this newest price increase going into effect in July, it may be time to re-evaluate keeping the plan if you have it and perhaps considering AT&T's newer unlimited smartphone options.

Here's a quick comparison between AT&T's current unlimited plan offerings - the Enhanced Unlimited Plus and Choice Plans -  and the original, now grandfathered, iPhone Unlimited Plan:

The biggest downside beside pricing of these older iPhone Unlimited plans is that there is no mobile hotspot use. They also  became subject to network management after 22GB of use just like modern unlimited plans are. However more discounts are available on these older plans which can bring the costs down for those who qualify.

Should you keep it?

For most still on these older grandfathered plans, we recommend considering switching to their NEW Unlimited Enhanced Plus data plan to get the mobile hotspot benefit and Canada/Mexico access.

Any customer who may still be on contract who wishes to cancel service because of the increase, may do so within 60-days of their first bill with the new pricing and have their ETF (early termination fees) waived - if you've got one.

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