[New] Smartphone Selection Tips

A cell phone used to be for one thing – making calls.

Today, however, making calls is just another app for what has become an incredible pocket-sized technological Swiss Army knife.

For many people, a smartphone has replaced their camera, their GPS navigation system, their game console, their CD rack, and for some, it has replaced their need for a separate computer entirely.

And for many, smartphones are a primary conduit to the internet – both directly and as a hotspot serving other devices.

Choosing a smartphone is a personal decision, and there is no universal best pick. Take some time to figure out what feels right. Get some hands-on time with both the hardware and the operating system. Don’t be swayed by splashy commercials, try not to focus on price, and absolutely do not lend any credence to the recommendations of store clerks.

You will need to make up your own mind, but here is some of our key advice, from a mobile internet perspective, to help steer you in the right direction.

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