How to Find Cellular Coverage – Tips for RV Travel Planning


Part of selecting the right carrier(s) for you is knowing where they have the coverage you desire. And once you have them selected and part of your mobile internet arsenal, it’s helpful to know where along your routes you’ll get signal.

A Quick Video Going over our top tips:

Here are some handy resources for tracking this sort of information down:

Checking the carriers online maps:

Coverage? App

From Coverage? - Overlaying Verizon & AT&T maps (April 2017)

While we can go to each carrier’s maps online to scout out ahead if our next campground will have coverage for our carriers, we decided to make it even easier.

We wrote an app for that!  Coverage? (available for iOS and Android) - overlays our versions of the carriers maps, so you can create a personalized coverage map for the carriers you travel with.
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The maps are stored on device, so you don’t even need to have coverage right now to find out which direction to head to find coverage when you don't have any.

Crowdsourced Coverage Maps:

Of course, just because a carrier claims they have coverage, doesn’t mean you’ll be able to find it. There are some wonderful resources out there that aggregate crowdsourced actual signal and speed reports and create a coverage map based on what is really possible in certain locations.

Here are some of our favorites that we utilize:

Of course, with crowdsourcing - the maps are only as useful as the data they collect from users of their apps. These resources tend to have good data for urban areas where they have a strong user base. But when you get to smaller cities, the maps can show no coverage at all. Which is why we created Coverage? so that we at least have a best guess at where coverage might be.

Campground Reviews

Since so many RVers depend on a solid internet connection, you’ll frequently find reports of cellular coverage (and Wi-Fi performance) hidden within campground reviews. Here are some of our favorites:

  • Campendium – Launched in 2015, the review site includes specific fields for reporting coverage on each of the major carriers. This site tends to be frequented by bandwidth hungry RVers, and lists commercial, public and free camp spots.
  • Freecampsites – is a database of remote camping and boondocking options, and asks reviewers to report their cellular signal for each carrier.
  • RVParkReviews – This is one of the longest running review sites, and fellow RVers tend to leave coverage reports on
  • RVParky – Another popular review site is where you might find coverage mentions.And of course, all of the RVing community benefits if you leave reviews too, including reports on your cellular signal.
  • All Stays - Their app and website also has reviews where past campers might have noted the cellular coverage.