[2014 Testing] Booster Testing: Wilson Mobile 4G vs SureCall TriFlex2Go

We did some head-to-head cellular booster testing at Michigan’s Hoeft State Park, on the shores of Lake Huron.
The boosters tested were our old standbys, all pre-FCC approval:

  • Wilson Sleek 4G-Verizon — Tri Band cradle-style booster, with Verizon LTE support.
  • Top-Signal 55 — Dual Band, no LTE support.

And three of the latest FCC-certified new models:

We tested every booster using its stock inside and outside antennas, all installed identically onto the bus with the outside antenna roof mounted, and the inside antenna in our tech cabinet.

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We tested the following connection scenarios:

  • Outside, on our camp site picnic table.
  • Inside the tech cabinet in our bus (with no booster).
  • Inside the tech cabinet with the various boosters tried in turn.

All the speed test results reported here are representative, averaged over several tests. If test results were oddly inconsistent from test to test, that is noted.

The order in each category is ranked by measured signal strength, in dBm, from weakest to strongest.

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