MIA-final_FullColorIs Internet Access an Essential Part of your Mobile Lifestyle?

Internet access is almost as necessary as fuel, water and electricity to some of today's RVers and cruisers.

Whether you're working from the road, attending online classes, keeping in touch with friends & family, navigating to your next destination, sharing your adventures or keeping entertained - you'll need to assemble a mobile internet solution that fits your unique lifestyle.

However technology is a constantly changing target. And that's our goal here. To create resources that are timely and explained specifically for mobile travelers - so you can focus on what drives you.

Instead of seeking sponsorships and advertising dollars, we choose instead to be community funded. This keeps us accountable to our membership for our unbiased overviews and industry analysis.

The MIA (Mobile Internet Aficionados) is the premium membership component of this website that keeps us funded and able to continue to create free content for the RVing and cruising community. The membership also goes further into our content, provides interactive access to experts and is designed for those who consider mobile internet an integral component of their lifestyle.

Your hosts are Chris & Cherie of Technomadia.com. We began full time RVing while working remotely as technology advisors & software developers in 2006, and now split our time traveling North America by RV and boat. We were fielding so many questions about how we stayed connected running our own high tech business remotely, so we created this resource center - it's our passion and now our full time "job".

We are proud to have a staff of fellow full time travelers who contribute and help out.

 The Mobile Internet Handbook is the textbook...
..the MIA is the classroom.

Our goal is to save you time, money and frustration by keeping you informed & to help you navigate this overwhelming topic of mobile internet.

Whether you're a fellow high tech geek or consider yourself non-technical - we'd love to have you join us!

We'll keep on top of the industry, alert you to breaking news, guide you through these topics, provide in-depth constantly updated written & video guides and field your questions - so you can concentrate on what drives you

All for about the price of a single night in a premium campsite or half a night in a marina!

 Join the Few. The Mobile. The Connected.

What Our Members Are Saying:

One Word – Awesome!

Just wanted to say a huge thank you for the consultation, you are 2 very awesome people and your knowledge on the subject of mobile internet is second to none. As a result of the consult i feel we will have a VERY robust solution in place to enable us to work anywhere.

Worth every penny in terms of the membership, the discounts you are able to provide on equipment and the very useful apps you developed for coverage, not to mention the public YouTube content you provide which was one of the deciding factors for us to hit the road


THE go-to resources for mobile Internet connectivity

Now that Technomadia has teamed up with Jack Mayer there is no question that The Mobile Internet Handbook and Mobile Internet Aficionados website are THE go-to resources for mobile Internet connectivity.”

Bruce & Linda

It’s Been Invaluable

I am so thankful for Cherie and Chris at RV Mobile Internet. I am pretty inept when it comes to technology. But with the Mobile Internet Handbook, their website, and forums, I think I have a much better handle on it now. We’ve been able to get an unlimited Verizon plan thanks to them, and will be using their handbook to get an antenna and a wifi booster that will work best for us. Thanks so much guys, it’s been invaluable!

Leslie Waterman

Fantastic service that pays for itself over and over

We have been extremely happy members of RV Mobile Internet since they launched and are huge fans of the valuable content and up to date information provided by Chris, Cherie and team. We trust their advice and follow it regularly, which always results in an improved technology solution AND significant cost savings. It’s a service we regularly recommend to our RVLove followers and RV Success School students, for whom connectivity is important. You simply cannot beat the value for money and the peace of mind that comes with knowing experts are out there keeping up to date on the many carrier changes and distilling it all down for the rest of us to help us make sound decisions for our unique needs. Thanks Chris and Cherie for providing such an essential service to the RVing community!

Marc and Julie Bennett

Worth It! Consistent exceptional reporting.

Chris & Cherie have a corner on the market when it comes to all things dealing with RV mobile internet. No one else addresses these topics in the way they do. October 2014 alone — with its Double Data deals and the Millenicom situation — has been worth the price of admission. Consistent exceptional reporting.

Alan Prochoroff

MIA…Mobile Internet Afficianatos saves $ and time.

Chris and Cherie do an excellent job providing great advice and knowledge for anybody trying to have reliable Internet while traveling in an RV. MIA has saved us a lot of money and frustrations trying to stay connected. With advice on equipment, cellular service and general knowledge the membership fee is a small educational expense. Thanks so much for your service.

Great Real time info

I like the fact that you guys are evaluating the latest hardware, probably saved me dollars and heartaches with one of your last evaluations. The cost to join is worth every penny.. Lance Hall

Lance Hall

Our number one source to mobile connectivity!

“As full time RV’ers one of the hardest things to do is keep up on all of the latest technology. It takes a great deal of time, effort, and gadget accessibility to research the pros and cons of the devices suitable for our life style.

If only there was a place we could turn, to find what products were suitable for us? Fortunately there is a perfect solution: The Technomads at MIA.

Cherie and Chris are professionals in the field of technology who also happen to be full time RV’ers. They understand many of the technical limitations we face on the road and they help us find the best and most affordable way to stay connected. We at liv2rv.com strongly recommend MIA as our number one source to mobile connectivity!”

Dan & Jonell

Don’t Leave Home Without It!

If you rely on internet connectivity on the road like I do, you absolutely must become a member of RVMobileInternet.com’s “Mobile Internet Aficionados”. The detailed research and technical resources that MIA provides to its members are invaluable, and you can’t get them anywhere else that I know of. And Chris, Cherie and the rest of the MIA community provide near instantaneous help on obscure questions and problems when you need it. My membership has doubtless already saved me many hours and dollars in having to figure this stuff out for myself!

David Goldstein

The Good and Bad of it

I tend to research a lot before I buy, before joining MIA I made many good decissions and some really expensive and frustrating bad ones. Ideas sound good on paper, MIA Has provided a source of real world experience. Thanks for the insight and community.

Bert Wright

The gurus that beat all other gurus

“Let’s face it guys, you are the gurus that beat all other gurus. What you don’t know you learn and what you learn you are able to disseminate in an easy to learn and absorb way. I’ve been in tech and the computer industry for over 35 years and you guys are still able to blow my socks off with your in depth knowledge.”

Sonja Barrie

You make things too easy!

I signed up for membership the other day. In under 24 hours, I ordered a Verizon UDP from a reputable person on your list, I bought a MoFi cellular router you reviewed which will take the SIM card from my new UDP, and I have have almost made a final decision on a cellular booster. These are decisions that I have been putting off for nearly a year because of the amount of time it was going to take me to do the proper research. All I did was spend a little bit of money on your membership, take a few hours to read all of the incredible research you had completed, and magically, I had nearly everything that I needed to move forward. And that makes me a happy (full time) camper!

Karl Nordstrom

Amazing resource for staying connected while traveling

This book has been the perfect resource for me while I researched the best way to stay connected while on the road. I’ve turned to it again and again to decide how best to set up my bus for working on the road. Cherie and Chris also provide great assistance with their site as well. Buy the book, join the site. You won’t regret it. Reasonable price and converts techie stuff to english. Thanks!

Susan Bjerke

Helped me tremendously along with saving me money

“I am a proud member of MIA and I am also an IT professional with over 25 years experience mainly in large corporate networking. I have a number of Cisco and other certifications and am very knowledgeable about networks and networking.

That being said, when it comes to Mobile Networking, Chris and Cherie are experts and I continually learn new things from them.  They are continuously testing various devices in the field and reporting their results. They have also researched and use wireless connections from all of the major vendors and have reported their speed reliability, and cost. Like them, I also full time in my RV and like them I must have a stable and reliable internet connection. With their help and sage advice, I have done this and it has helped me tremendously along with saving me money.  I cannot recommend MIA enough.”

Jim Power

This is how I stay on top of wireless data programs

The information on Chris and Cherie’s website is extremely valuable. Just this week their information about signing up for T-Mobile before the program disappears saved me a lot of money.

I was able to sign up for the T-Mobile’s $35 plan and decreased my Verizon plan by $35 and now I have the same amount of data and I also have the unlimited data for YouTube, etc.

I highly recommend their program.

The Ultimate Resource for Mobile Internet Connectivity

With so many routers, hot spots, antennas, services, options, and plans available, not to mention trying to figure out what works better or is a better fit for your situation, it can be mind-numbing trying to search for and filter through the information you need and the hype you don’t. My subscription to RVMobileInternet.com is the best money I could have ever spent, because they (Chris and Cherie) do this for you, DAILY, and provide an excellent text (print or eBook) to also educate you on what all of it means. RVMobileInternet.com is the only RV’ing website I check every day!

Sean Sadler

They’ve Done the Work!

They’ve done all the work to find the answers for everyone! It’s tons of information.  They’ve helped us make decisions that has really improved our travels.

View their Video Review of the MIA: https://youtu.be/8QEo4GHc-E8

Kyle & Olivia

I can’t recommend this site enough

If you rely on mobile connectivity for your travels and are looking for concise, clear and relevant info I can’t recommend this site enough. I’ve learned more in just a few weeks on here then I could have in months of self-research.”

Nina Fussing

Everything You Need to know about Staying Connected to the Internet in your RV

Chris Dunphy and Cherie Ve Ard, also known as the Technomads, have been full time RVers since 2006. They publish the RV Mobile Internet Resource Center, perhaps the most comprehensive and helpful website you’ll find for all things related to RVing and the Internet.

Mike Wendland

A much needed and Valuable Resource

Planning on RV-ing when we retire and so joined the MIA to see what’s what as we are rather heavy internet users here at home in our Sticks’n’Bricks. Was very happy to find plenty of resources to actually enable us to go from a weak DSL plan to a much faster Cellular plan here at home. The information is all collected for RV-ers, but you can adapt it to suit what you may need at home too. Couldn’t have done any of it without the help of Chris and Cherie and all the other people “in the know” on the forums always there to answer my newbie questions. Thanks Guys Mandy

Mandy Wardle

This group keeps me ahead of the connectivity curve!

“Staying connected on the move is a part of our livelihood but trying to stay up to date with everything from carriers to plan changes and new devices, has become impossible…that is until The Mobile Internet Aficionados group came about.  This group has become an invaluable source of information and I have never felt more informed or educated.  This group keeps me ahead of the connectivity curve!”

Well worth it!

We started full-timing over 3 years ago and what I couldn’t figure out was how I was going to get internet on the road. Thankfully we found Chris and Cherie’s web site and using their suggestions we snagged an unlimited Verizon data plan for a very cheap price. I never would have discovered this and would be paying hundreds of dollars more for less data. I will gladly be a premium member and pay the annual fee because we have saved so much money already. They keep us informed of new information and I’m so grateful.

Patricia Neuzil

This is the place to turn

Hands down, the best resource for staying connected on the road comes from the folks over at Technomadia. Recently,they have added a new site completely devoted to the topic of mobile technology.  RV Mobile Internet is a membership site that provides full updates on every major change in the world of mobile data. Need help getting your RV connected and ready to roll? This is the place to turn.

Small Membership Fee Is Worth It

I’m tech savvy and thought I could figure it all out without joining. WRONG! Since I joined in June 2016, I’ve slashed my Verizon bill, protected my UDP (unlimited data plan), and now have more cellular data and options than I thought possible. The small membership fee is worth it and has already been recouped in savings.

Corinne Goerke

Why I’m A Continuing Member Of This Group

Chris and Cherie, I’d like to join others in thanking you for all the work you do. When I first discovered the fulltime RV lifestyle three years ago, your personal blog was one of the first ones I began to follow and learn from. When you started MIA, I joined right up, not knowing what I might learn. The top three things I did glean from it are WeBoost cell boosters, WiFi Ranger routers, and AT&T doubling data if you buy at least 15 GB.  I would not have known about any of these, were it not for you and MIA. I plan to always stay a member as a way to say “thanks” for all of your advice; paid and not paid. It’s my way of adding to your “tip jar.” You guys rock!

David Lee

Best of the Best!

RV Mobile Internet is a top-notch mobile technology resource. Chris Dunphy & Cherie Ve Ard have been on the road full time for the past 10 years. Working remotely as they roam – they practice what they preach through first hand experience. You will learn critical information that will help you stay connected as you travel.

Escapees Magazine - July/August 2015, Page 12

Thank you Chris and Cherie!

Thank you, thank you, thank you for all you do for me and other full-time RVers. I rely on Internet for my blog and new online design business. Thanks to your help and timely advice, I lucked into a Verizon UDP in 2014. Since then, I have benefited from your constant monitoring of the mobile Internet world and have recommended you to others.

My MIA membership has repaid me several-fold and is an invaluable investment for any RVers who need to have Internet.

Worth every penny

I’m a full time remote worker so tons of data is a pretty firm requirement for me. I was taking so much time researching what was the best deal and wondering if promotions were starting that I was going crazy! Having someone else keep on top of what are the best data deals and promotions and then emailing me to make sure I am one of the first to know is just awesome. Add to that the handbook, the videos, the forums, the product reviews etc. I can’t believe I waited so long to sign up. Thanks for all the work you do!

Nik White

Worth Every Penny

“There are several benefits to membership in this group, but by far the most valuable part for us is receiving current information and updated reviews on changing technology and products that may enhance our mobile internet experience.  Our ability to live on the road and generate income is highly tied to internet access and speed without giving up travel to the remote, beautiful places we love.  Getting timely, expert analysis of this ever-changing landscape is worth every penny of the membership.”

Howard & Linda

A dream saved

In the Spring of 2014 we headed out on a 70 camping excursion across the Western US. Intending to work remotely, we were armed with 2 AT&T smartphones (with 10gb data!) and the AT&T coverage map. We set up reservations at campsites that were “in” and planned travel through “out” areas over the weekend. The trip was awesome but I’m not going to lie, staying connected to the Internet for work was a disaster. Unexpected dead zones, overloaded towers, remote locations and standing on top of picnic tables describe our ordeal to stay connected. Once back home, we felt like future trips like this one were out of the question. Fulltiming, an impossible dream. Then we stumbled across RV Mobile Internet and The Mobile Internet Handbook. Becoming a member and reading this book were salvation for our wanderlust. Now we are truly ready to venture forth with the knowledge and equipment to succeed.

Robert and Renee Leonard

MIA membership paid for itself many times over!

I signed up before I knew much of anything about mobile internet and I can’t believe how much money I’ve saved with the knowledge I’ve gotten from the newsletters and the forums. I got in with Omnilynx before they shut it down and got a free hotspot. Then I was able to walk through the UDP AOL process myself.  I can honestly say that signing up to be an MIA has saved me over $1100 in the past 6 months and I’m sure the newsletters will keep me saving more as time goes on. Thanks guys for the awesome information source! Nik.

I have learned more than I could ever hope to imagine

“In this fast changing technology they have provided breaking news and provided thought about what coming changes might mean to me. They have provided answers to specific questions and I have learned more than I could ever hope to imagine. I highly recommend joining MIA along with the book and look forward to many years of continued knowledge as this technology continues to change.”

David Cross


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Remember we live in an RV and a boat ourselves, and have limited space for installing & storing gear. We are also only two people (and a cat - and she's honestly a bit lazy) - and doing the depth of reviews we do, takes a LOT of time. This is on top of creating content, covering the news and answering member questions.

Also, we do not cover most general mobile technology equipment - such as computers, TVs, smartphones & tablets. While they are obviously an element of a mobile internet arsenal - there are simply too many of them on the market, and preferences for smartphones are very highly individualized for OS and form factor. There are many other services out there that provide smartphone/tablet/computer reviews.

Our reviews are focused equipment specific to mobile internet - such as dedicated hotspots, mobile routers, mobile cellular boosters, antennas and mobile WiFi repeating gear. We do not review equipment designed and marketed for stationary use, nor do we cover general mobile technology.

We know RVers and cruisers aren't the only ones who depend on mobile internet options. Truckers, rural folks, nomads, travelers, storm chasers and cord-cutters also might rely on wireless connections instead of hardwired internet.

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We absolutely welcome you to join, but just know upfront we are very focused on mobile internet options. Our 'Top Picks' and advice are specific to mobile situations. Our first 11 years on the road was in RVs, and we launched this site within that community. We're also now part-time cruisers along the American Great Loop, and are ramping up marine content too.

Installation & equipment options for homes, offices and trucks might have different considerations. Those options are not our area of expertise.

You will learn a lot here, and have access to our ongoing research & knowledge.  We'll do our best to point out where the differences & considerations are when asked, but we make no promises that we'll be able to provide specific guidance for non-mobile use.

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Starting in 2017, yes, we (Chris & Cherie of Technomadia) are starting a new adventure - the Great Loop, exploring America's intercoastal waterways, canals and rivers by cruising boat.

However, that will not have any negative impact on our work here at RVMobileInternet. In fact, we actually think it will ENHANCE what we do here. Here's a couple key points:

  • The 'Great Loop' is all intercostal and canals and rivers in the US & Canada. So places RVers go too (we've have traveled by RV to many of the same destinations). We're very intentionally keeping ourselves in similar challenges to we can keep on top of everything we do here. The Great Loop is sometimes even referred to as 'RVing on Water'.
  • We'll still be RVing at least 1/2 the year (boat will be our summer adventure, when it gets too cold as we head north - we move back into the RV).
  • We fully intend to continue working just as much as we do now. We'll continue our slow pace of travel, mixing in extended stays in one location with shorter stays while in transit. We'll still seek out bad signal areas to test gear and advise on optimal options.

And overall, we look at this as expanding what we're offering - such as learning more about Canadian connectivity and marine grade equipment.