Sprint’s LivePro Hotspot & Video Projector – Uhm. Yeah.

How many times have you been using your mobile hotspot to get your gadgets online, when you found yourself wishing that the hotspot could help entertain you during long downloads by projecting a movie onto the nearest wall?

At last - your dreams are answered by Sprint's new all-in-one LivePro.

The LivePro combines a hotspot, video projector, Android app compatible smart device, media streamer, and backup battery that can charge other USB devices - all into one slightly chunky box.

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It is $450 without contract, and compatible with Sprint's tri-band Spark LTE network.

I at first had to double-check to make sure it wasn't April 1st - but I can see traveling minimalists and some road warriors actually putting something like this to good use.

Is this much integration appealing to you? Or laughable?



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