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We are a completely independent news and information source for the niche topic. We offer a book on the topic, track industry news, test & compare products and provide support to our premium members. We take absolutely no monetary compensation from manufacturers or vendors so that we can remain as unbiased as possible on our assessment of a product offering.

If you have a new product announcement, it is not necessary to send us an evaluation unit to be included in our public News Feed. We attempt to cover all breaking news and are happy to share your relevant news with our readers.

However, our readers generally also like follow-up reports on your product after our hands on time with it. For this we appreciate your support of this resource center, and the RVing community as a whole, by providing an evaluation unit to us.

Our Product Acceptance Policy

We are super focused on mobile internet products and services that are a fit for a RVing lifestyle. Examples would include cellular data mobile hotspots, cellular signal enhancing equipment, WiFi extending gear, satellite internet and bandwidth management.

We attempt to be inclusive of all options available to RVers in a wide range of price ranges and feature sets. And we try to be unbiased about any product, and instead report on the features, benefits, trade-offs and realities of a product and its suitability for different approaches to RVing.

While we don't publicly issue general recommendations and reviews, we do offer head-to-head testing of similar products so that RVers can make an informed decision about what is right for them. And the more experience we have with the range of options out there, the better advice we can give our members.

Our Product Evaluation Policy

We give any product we accept very extensive long term usage before making any public statements about it - we don't just turn the product on (or install it) and see if it works. We invest a lot time into evaluating the product for a range of RV applications.

We always list any products we are aware of in a product category in a general purpose comparative guide - regardless if we have had hands on time with it. (Examples: Cellular Boosters, Hotspots, WiFi Extenders/Routers). We regularly refer RVers to these guides.

And then we write more in-depth guides and overviews for our premium members.

Here is the visibility you can expect from us when you provide your product for inclusion in our testing arsenal:

  • Public Inclusion - If your product is new to the market or has a substantial upgrade, we will be happy to cover it in our public news feed. We also generally post a 'First Look' article publicly after we have some initial time with your product. We also include mentions of us having your product in our testing hands wherever it is a natural fit - such as in our comparative guides, relevant articles, forum replies and news announcements. Your product may also receive extra attention in our general guides when they are used as 'props' in our informative videos and written articles.
  • Product Analysis/Overview/Head-to-Head - We provide more indepth guides and product overviews to our premium members. They're who pay for our time to evaluate products. After we have had time with you product, we'll write an extensive article that is exclusively available to them. It may be a dedicated article about your product, or part of a head-to-head with similar products. We make no promises that it will be a positive review, we tell it like it is. If we have concerns about your product's functionality, we will do our best to contact you first for response (or possible exchange if we received a defective product) before publishing. Once our post is live, we will be happy to send you a courtesy copy, but the post will only be available to our members initially. We may, at our discretion, eventually open the post up to the public.
  • Product Feedback - If you desire feedback on your product based on our utilization of it, we will be happy to provide a complimentary quick private general overview to your company. However, we can not offer extensive feedback, marketing advice or analysis and still remain unbiased to our readership.
  • Vendors - If you are a vendor for a product you are providing us, we will always include a link to your store, and mention you as the company who has so graciously supported this resource center. If you want to offer a special discount code to our readers to encourage their business, we do allow this (and we accept no kickbacks for it.) As our readers & members tend to make purchases based on reputation - this goes a long way to many of them that you support us, and indirectly, them. However, we do list other places we trust that our readers can purchase the same product - we do not give exclusive listings to any vendor.
  • No promotions - We are an independent new source, and do not advertise or promote your product specifically. But we do our best to make sure your product is visible to our readers in a number of authentic ways, particularly if it lives up to its marketing claims.

Return of Your Product

It is in your best interest to not have us return your product. Here are the reasons why:

  • We need extensive hands-on time with your product to provide feedback to our readers. We test in a variety of situations, and it may take many months for us to personally travel in our RV to give your product a proper evaluation.
  • We regularly re-test products as we receive new entries into our testing arsenal. This ensures your product continues to receive mentions in future articles we write. If we receive a similar product laters and don't have yours anymore, we can not continue to conduct head-to-head testing reports that include your product.
  • As you release new firmware patches, we test them - so that we can report on them and provide feedback to our readers.
  • Our premium members and members of our public discussion group have a wide variety of products in their hands. We're sometimes a first line of support in diagnosing potential problems. If we have your product onboard, we can actually reduce your support load by having immediate access to your product.
  • We regularly create instructional content in the form of written guides and videos, and utilize the products we have on hand for 'props'. This gives you an opportunity for authentic and unpaid product placement in our content.
  • If we like your product enough for our own needs, it may become part of our personal mobile internet arsenal (this page is a top hit on Google for the words 'mobile internet' and other keywords), which gives it even more exposure.

If you have intentions of us returning your product back in a certain amount of time, please be very upfront about this so that we can make sure we get as much hands-on time as we can with it before returning it. It also impacts the way we go about installing your product for evaluation - temporary installations actually make it MORE difficult for us to conduct testing, and thus less exposure for your product.

If you decide you really want your product back later, we are more than happy to return it at your expense. If the version of your product we have in our arsenal becomes obsolete and you have provided us a new model, we can either return the old one to you - or offer it to our members as a gift via a give-a-way (ie. more exposure for you!)

Our Reach and Demographics

We have been full time RVers ourselves since 2006, utilizing mobile internet. We have extensive backgrounds professionally in journalism and mobile technology. We have been sharing our lives under the name since 2007, and have built up quite a following and reputation as a go-to source for information on the RVing lifestyle - particularly when it comes to technology. Technomadia reaches over a quarter million followers a month via our various social media outlets.

In 2013 we wrote the first version of The Mobile Internet Handbook, and in 2014 we launched (this site) as a companion website. It also has a premium membership component.

As of July 2015, has over 45,000 page views a month, nearly 7500 members of our public Facebook discussion group where we cross post news articles & provide casual feedback, 700 paid premium members who rely on mobile internet (most join specifically to get unbiased purchasing advice) and over 1000 subscribers to our monthly public newsletter. We also post mobile internet related content on YouTube, where we have over 13,000 subscribers and 100,000+ views a month.

Our audience is a highly targeted demographic in a very niche topic about RVers who need to keep connected.