tmih2016-tall-pinterestThe Mobile Internet Handbook
2016 U.S. RVers Edition

by Chris Dunphy & Cherie Ve Ard of Technomadia.com
with guest author Jack Mayer
4th Edition, 243 pages
Released: February 27, 2016
(5th edition projected to be released
Jan 2018, this edition is now "on sale".)

The comprehensive guide to mobile internet options for US based RVers.

In this handbook, we help you assess your internet needs, set your expectations to realistic, explain your options and overview the challenges of mobile connectivity.

The book is written for the non-technical internet surfer to the high-tech geek - we strive to balance using every day language and examples to explain complex topics, while keeping things technically accurate.

It starts off with the basics, and then gets as complex as you're ready for - and written to be referred back to again and again as you navigate building your mobile internet arsenal.

Our goal is to make this stuff comprehensible so you can enjoy a thrivable life on the road with a minimal of technical frustrations, and still able to afford the fuel that propels your adventures!

The book covers cellular data, public WiFi, satellite, ham, cable/DSL, enhancing signals, installation, managing bandwidth, traveling to Canada & Mexico, entertainment options, cellular phone plans and most importantly – setting your expectations for what life on the road with mobile internet is like.mobile-internet-bar

Chapters in the 2016 Edition:

Laying the Groundwork
Rule #1 - Reset Your Expectations
Cellular Data
Cellular Data Gear
Cellular Signal Optimization (expanded)
A Lesson in Cellular Evolution
Understanding Cellular Frequencies
Wi-Fi Hotspots
Wi-Fi Range Extending Gear (expanded)
Wireless Signal Enhancing Tips
Antenna Selection & Installation


Satellite Internet (updated)
Unlimited Data Options 
Thinking Outside the Box
Routers - Bringing it All Together (expanded)
Managing Mobile Data Usage
Entertainment On the Go (updated)
Crossing International Borders (Canada & Mexico updated)
Sample Setups
Wrapping Up: Top 10 Tips
Glossary of Terms

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Mobile Internet is constantly changing. Check out these free summary guides to help bring this edition up to date: Content Updates to The Mobile Internet Handbook


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Note: The 2016 Edition is now Discounted
While we work on the next version (Jan 2018)!

Since the 5th Edition is now in progress, we have discounted the 2016 edition to reflect that (originally it was $9.99 and $23.99). It's still fairly relevant if you're willing to follow up with our update guides (Content Updates to The Mobile Internet Handbook).

We are working on the 5th Edition re-write and had slated for it to be finished in fall 2017. Unfortunately we (the authors) have had to deal with Hurricane Irma while we were in the Florida Keys, which limited our available time.

We have however just launched our brand new Mobile Internet University for our premium members, which is a great online resource for stepping through the book and our guides.

The 5th (2018) edition is being re-written from the ground up to be more focused on the basics - the stuff that doesn't change as often. It will be much  more of a primer on mobile internet than previous editions. It will then reference product specific and more advanced content kept here on the website that we can keep updated in a more timely fashion.

Of course the 2016 Updates everything that has changed since the 2015 edition came out (which is a LOT - 2015 Year in Review Article). But the 2016 edition is also pretty much a complete re-write.

As we went through each page to update it, it became clear we could make this book so much better! Our goal became to make the book simpler & more in-depth at the same time. We've also tried to make the content more 'evergreen' - more focused on the concepts, theory and practical applications. Less on the specific products, plans & prices - the stuff that changes all the time. Instead, we've provided links to the living content on RVMobileInternet.com where you can get the most current options when you're ready for that phase of your journey.

We've integrated in a bunch of new content - answering questions that we've fielded over the past year. Amongst the new content you'll find:

  • Overview of Unlimited Data Options for mobile internet
  • Back-Up Strategies for RVers
  • MIMO Antennas
  • MVNO & Reseller Warnings (you know, stuff like OmniLynx & Karma)
  • Looking Forward - 5G, Future Satellites & More
  • Optimizing Video Streaming & Social Media for mobile internet

And of course, there have been major changes to Satellite, Entertainment on the Road, and International Travel - those chapters have been completely refreshed.

If you have the 2015 Edition of the book - This is a pretty major re-write updating all of the changes in the past year, and a complete re-organization of the content to make it more accessible. It also has a bunch of new content covering unlimited data options, managing back-ups, upcoming 5G cellular technology, MIMO antennas and more. If you're actively researching your mobile internet options, we highly recommend getting this edition. (You can also get a summary of the mobile internet changes for 2015 at: 2015 Year in Review Article.)

If you have the 2014 or 2013 Edition of the book- If mobile internet is on your mind, then yes we absolutely recommend it's time to update the book. Both those editions are pretty out of date - especially the 2013 edition (which was just 87 pages long!).

Our Mobile Internet Aficionados now get updates for free to the PDF version, as well as updated chapters online throughout the year. If keeping current is important to you, we invite you to join us too. It's like having a subscription to the book.

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Our Mobile Internet Aficionados members get the PDF book, updated chapters & future editions
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Technomadia is the REAL DEAL and their Mobile Internet Handbook is too! The authors know what they are talking about. Their technical knowledge is superb and as up to date as it can possible be … and when things get out of date, they quickly update what they have written to be sure everything they have said is as current as it can possibly be. They do a good job of explaining in non-technical terms what a user of mobile internet connectivity needs to know. And if you are a technical whiz, you will appreciate the work they have put into their book and the wealth of detail that they provide. Thank you, Cherie and Chris, for providing one of the best resource handbooks I have ever used~!

Forrest Clark

Best of the Best!

RV Mobile Internet is a top-notch mobile technology resource. Chris Dunphy & Cherie Ve Ard have been on the road full time for the past 10 years. Working remotely as they roam – they practice what they preach through first hand experience. You will learn critical information that will help you stay connected as you travel.

Escapees Magazine - July/August 2015, Page 12

The best, most complete guide to mobile internet available

 “I just began reading my copy, but can already tell that this is without a doubt the best, most complete guide to mobile internet available.”

Amanda Watson

David Cross on The Mobile Internet Handbook

“I thought I knew quite a bit about what was needed to stay online as I travel about the U.S. but decided to get The Internet Mobile Handbook when it was released a little over a year ago. That book convinced me that there was much more to learn and that Chris and Cherie knew how to explain complex issues in layman’s terms so when they offered an update to the book along with membership in Mobile Internet Aficionados, I jumped at the opportunity and what an opportunity it is.”

David Cross

A really comprehensive and understandable guide

I have been in the tech/computer industry for 35+ years and rarely have I come across a book that lays out the technicalities of a subject in such an easy to understand way.

There are many insights and gotchas in the book that you would spend months researching the web to find, if you found them at all except by installing equipment yourself and realizing your mistake after the fact. You can read every word and go as deep as you like or skip to the parts that you are interested in. It is sprinkled with humor and good advice (ie have a box of wine on hand and learn to compromise ;o) and covers everyone from those that need a bit of email now and again to real internet junkies like us that need to be connected 24/7 for our business (and who can’t afford Air Force One!).

All I can say is thank you so much Chris and Cherie for pulling all this together into one fabulous resource guide.

Amazing resource for staying connected while traveling

This book has been the perfect resource for me while I researched the best way to stay connected while on the road. I’ve turned to it again and again to decide how best to set up my bus for working on the road. Cherie and Chris also provide great assistance with their site as well. Buy the book, join the site. You won’t regret it. Reasonable price and converts techie stuff to english. Thanks!

Susan Bjerke

The Mobile Internet Handbook Quenches Your Thirst for the Internet

Whether you’re a tech novice or an experienced user who wants better ways to stay connected while RVing, the book has something in it for you. The book’s biggest strength for novices is a chapter called “Assembling Your Arsenal,” which guides readers through important questions to ponder while choosing an appropriate Internet access system for their lifestyle.

Rene Agredano

Another Fabulous Resource!

I think it will become the internet access bible to most RVers, and not just a handbook!!

New Kindle eBook helps RVers master mobile Internet

“In the handbook, the authors help readers assess their Internet needs, set realistic expectations, explain their options, and overview the challenges of mobile connectivity. It will be useful to both non-technical internet surfers and more experienced users. It uses everyday language and examples to explain complex topics, while keeping things technically accurate.”

The Digital RVer

Absolute must for the Technomadic RVer

The Mobile Internet Handbook is an absolute must for the technomadic RVer. This invaluable guide is updated yearly with the most current information on connectivity on the road.

Stephanie Mayberry

Build up your Confidence to Understand Each Part of the System.

Technomadia, AKA Chris and Cherie are real tech geeks (compliment), that know their stuff about getting online and setting up a cell phone and internet systems. To me this is a “must have” book. It’s a bit deep into tech, but they build up your confidence to understand each part of the system.

The best and most up-to-date guide

“Whether you’re a full-timer or weekend warrior, retired or working on the roll, staying connected is important to every RVer, even if it’s just for e-mail, an occasional Netflix movie or keeping up with the grandkids’ Facebook status.

Of course we all know how unreliable campground Wi-Fi can be, so taking our connectivity into our own hands is key. We’re proud to bring your attention to the best and most up-to-date guide about the topic we’ve seen.”

This book gets a LOVE YOUR RV! two thumbs up

The book is written in a way that is useful to all kinds of people. Whether you’re a total technical neophyte (RVing newbie) all the way up to a communications guru (veteran full-timer), I think you’ll find it very helpful.

I consider it the go-to resource on the subject.

Ray Burr

It’s Been Invaluable

I am so thankful for Cherie and Chris at RV Mobile Internet. I am pretty inept when it comes to technology. But with the Mobile Internet Handbook, their website, and forums, I think I have a much better handle on it now. We’ve been able to get an unlimited Verizon plan thanks to them, and will be using their handbook to get an antenna and a wifi booster that will work best for us. Thanks so much guys, it’s been invaluable!

Leslie Waterman

Thumbs-up from the paleo-technomad

This book is excellent, equally applicable to boaters, land-travelers, rural dwellers, and mobile connected folk of all stripes. The range of topics is broad, the authors know their stuff, the material is very current in late 2014, and the explanations are very clear… with a good range of levels that will help anyone from beginners to net-savvy geeks.

It corroborated what I know and taught me lots of things I didn’t know… in the process helping me update some of my out-of-date tools while becoming a smarter shopper for often confusing cellular services. It’s a win.

This Book Will Help You

If you’re planning on hitting the road and want to stay connected to the Internet, you’ll need to get up to speed on a lot of complex systems.
This book will help you
Chances are you’re not an expert.
It’s not worth your time to try to piece together all this information.
Stop wasting your energy, and let Cherie and Chris save you time and money.

Eric Mikowski


The Mobile Internet Handbook confirms everything that I have researched on my own and provides additional information on options and products that I knew nothing about.

If you are just starting, or on the verge of starting your full-timing adventure, just BUY THE BOOK!!  It’s $10 bucks that absolutely could save you countless hours of research time and hundreds of dollars.  Wrong choices in this realm get very expensive.

Howard & Linda

A dream saved

In the Spring of 2014 we headed out on a 70 camping excursion across the Western US. Intending to work remotely, we were armed with 2 AT&T smartphones (with 10gb data!) and the AT&T coverage map. We set up reservations at campsites that were “in” and planned travel through “out” areas over the weekend. The trip was awesome but I’m not going to lie, staying connected to the Internet for work was a disaster. Unexpected dead zones, overloaded towers, remote locations and standing on top of picnic tables describe our ordeal to stay connected. Once back home, we felt like future trips like this one were out of the question. Fulltiming, an impossible dream. Then we stumbled across RV Mobile Internet and The Mobile Internet Handbook. Becoming a member and reading this book were salvation for our wanderlust. Now we are truly ready to venture forth with the knowledge and equipment to succeed.

Robert and Renee Leonard

Ridiculously useful product

There’s chapters in there for cell phones and data plans, satellite, WiFi, boosters, and plenty more… and it’s all presented in an easy to understand way, even for the more technologically clueless folks like myself.”

One of the few printed books the gets a place in my RV

Almost all of the books I have now are eBooks, but this is one of the very few printed books gets a place in my cabinet where I keep printed books. I have the eBook too, but I refer to the printed book a lot. I live full time in my motorhome and without the information in this book there would be times I wouldn’t be able to run my business.

THE go-to resources for mobile Internet connectivity

Now that Technomadia has teamed up with Jack Mayer there is no question that The Mobile Internet Handbook and Mobile Internet Aficionados website are THE go-to resources for mobile Internet connectivity.”

Bruce & Linda

Making this process understandable and much easier

“RV travel in the 21st century is made much easier through being connected to the internet. Thanks to Technomadia’s Handbook for making this process understandable and much easier.”

Everything You Need to know about Staying Connected to the Internet in your RV

Chris Dunphy and Cherie Ve Ard, also known as the Technomads, have been full time RVers since 2006. They publish the RV Mobile Internet Resource Center, perhaps the most comprehensive and helpful website you’ll find for all things related to RVing and the Internet.

Mike Wendland

Well researched and well written

One of the questions we get as full-time RVers is “How do you stay connected?” All the answers are in The Mobile Internet Handbook. Well researched and well written and easy for all of us to understand. This is the resource we recommend on the Living the RV Dream podcast.

John & Kathy Huggins

The Ultimate Resource for Mobile Internet Connectivity

With so many routers, hot spots, antennas, services, options, and plans available, not to mention trying to figure out what works better or is a better fit for your situation, it can be mind-numbing trying to search for and filter through the information you need and the hype you don’t. My subscription to RVMobileInternet.com is the best money I could have ever spent, because they (Chris and Cherie) do this for you, DAILY, and provide an excellent text (print or eBook) to also educate you on what all of it means. RVMobileInternet.com is the only RV’ing website I check every day!

Sean Sadler

We offer a lot of resources beyond the book to keep you informed about mobile internet. Here's what else you can find around this resource center:

  • Overview of Mobile Internet Options - Our video and quick overview of the options available for keeping online while RVing. It's the short version of the book - and completely free.
  • News Center for major news announcements, add it to your RSS and join our free monthly newsletter to stay in the know as new products come out or changes in the industry that might impact you.
  • Resource & Knowledge Base for in-depth articles, guides & product reviews. Some are free, some are member only.
  • Mobile Internet Aficionados - If The Mobile Internet Handbook is the textbook, this is the classroom. Our premium membership group is for those who rely on mobile internet for their RVing lifestyle. We provide even more in-depth & exclusive content, regular alert newsletter and lots of interaction via our Q&A forums, discussions and casual videocast sessions.
  • Personal Advising Sessions for those who would like help with deciding on their ideal mobile internet setup. We'll help you assess your needs and come up with customized mobile internet arsenal that balances your travel style, internet needs and budget.

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This book is written to answer questions like:

 The right solution is not the same for everyone. There are so many variables - such as your budget, how much connectivity you need and your desired travel style. Whether you are just getting started or updating your existing setup, we explain the options in clear everyday terms. We include current pricing information and spell out the pros and cons of each option.
 Mobile connectivity allows many people to successfully work from the road and home school! The question is, what are you going to require to get your job done? This book will help you figure out if the realities of mobile internet will mesh with your goals.
 One of the most bandwidth intensive activities is online entertainment. We explain the options, the costs and the trade-offs so you can decide what's right for you.  We also make lots of suggestions for practical alternatives.
 No single solution is going to provide an always on affordable connection that allows you to be completely mobile. This book gives you a real world perspective on each of the options, and discusses the technical challenges travelers are up against.
Not everyone will need all of the options. Some may need a simple setup and some may need to make some serious compromises to balance affordability with reality. We break it all down, explain the pros & cons so you can decide for yourself what you need to live a thrivable life on the road.
Truly unlimited mobile internet options are scarce and come with some downsides that should be carefully weighed. This edition adds an entire chapter that overviews the options - from cellular, WiFi and even satellite.


This handbook is geared towards frequent or full-time RVers
and road warriors based in the USA.

While we make recommendations for different common scenarios and discuss specific products as examples, the goal of The Mobile Internet Handbook is to give you the tools, knowledge and perspective to make the best choices for your unique situation.

The industry simply changes too quickly for the book alone to keep up with new products, plans and technologies - which is why we also host this site, RVMobileInternet.com, with our further guides, news center and product overviews. The book links to the 'living guide' components for further research on the current options.

We do not sell any mobile internet equipment or service plans, we have no affiliation with any company we review or mention and we do not except sponsorships from any mobile internet related company.

We are completely funded by our readers and members (thank you!) so that we can remain unbiased in sharing what really works out here on the road.


This book is written to help those with minimal tech backgrounds to geeks like us.
For folks who just need a little e-mail & surfing, to fellow bandwidth junkies.
For folks who plan to stay in RV parks with WiFi to those planning lots of time in the boonies away from ammenities.