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Mobile Internet is constantly changing.

Our goal here at the Mobile Internet Resource Center is to keep on top of changes and create resources to help keep you connected.

New releases of The Mobile Internet Handbook (our guide to mobile internet options) are made as needed to keep it fresh - and in-between we publish in-depth articles summarizing the major shifts in the industry.

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2017 Updates

If you have the 2016 / 4th edition (released February 2016), these posts will bring you up to date:

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2017 Summer Satellite Update

Satellite internet options available now and coming in the years ahead are looking more exciting all the time!

2017 Mid Year Review

This year, there's been so many significant changes since our 2016 Year End Review that we thought it would be worthwhile to present a quick mid-year review.

2016 Year End review

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This is our annual end-of-year quick update on the state of the RV mobile internet world - chronicling some of the major changes that happened in 2016.

5th Edition Book Release: Released in January 2018 this new edition of the book goes back to our 'handbook' roots - focused on assessing your mobile internet needs, understanding the challenges and overviewing the basic options of cellular, Wi-Fi and satellite.

2015 Year End Update

If you have the 2015 / 3rd edition (released February 2015), this article will bring you up to date:

2015 Year End Review

2014 Year End Update

If you have the 2014 / 2nd edition (released September 2014), this article will bring you up to date:

2014 Year End Review



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