The Mobile Internet Handbook

for US Based RVers, Cruisers & Nomads

by Chris Dunphy & Cherie Ve Ard 

5th Edition
111 Pages
Released: Jan 31, 2018

For anyone thinking of exploring a mobile lifestyle, figuring out how to best keep online while exploring the world offline becomes critically important.

In this handbook, we help you assess your internet needs, set your expectations to realistic, explain the challenges of mobile connectivity and overview the options of cellular, Wi-Fi and satellite.

The book is written for the non-technical internet surfer to the high-tech geek - we strive to balance using every day language and examples to explain complex topics, while keeping things technically accurate.

This book is meant to be a primer to the foundation of mobile internet as a US based nomad, and complements the more in-depth guides, product overviews and constantly updated resources here online.

Our goal is to make this stuff comprehensible so you can enjoy a thrivable life on the road with a minimal of technical frustrations, and still able to afford the fuel that propels your adventures!

Chapters in the 5th Edition:

Laying the Groundwork
Assessing Your Needs
Going Wireless
Cellular Data: Carriers & Plans
Cellular Data: Gear
Wi-Fi Hotspots
Wi-Fi Range Extending Gear


Satellite Internet
Thinking Outside the Box
Routers - Bringing it All Together
Use Cases (Remote Work, Families, TV, International, Gaming, Privacy)
Wrapping Up: Top 10 Tips

You can also find our Glossary online and integrated into our guides.

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The mobile industry continues to evolve at a rapid pace, and though we had written the 2016 edition of the book to be as evergreen as possible - after nearly two years an update was essential.

This new edition takes the book back to its roots - more of a handbook-sized overview rather than the comprehensive, overwhelming and quickly outdated standalone resource that prior editions of the book had become.

This edition focuses on explaining the basics, helping you assess your needs, and laying the foundation for continuing research. To go further, we’ve provided links to accompanying guides on this website that are much easier to keep current with the latest options and go into more depth.

Most of the basic guides are completely free, and some also contain more advanced and member-exclusive content that goes even further.

We’ve now also launched a new benefit for our members - the Mobile Internet University. This is our online classroom that goes along with this book - walking you through our content to help you assemble your own unique mobile solution.

Also new in 2018 - we’ve expanded our target audience beyond just RVers. We are now focused on all US-based nomads - whether by land or water!

It has been 2 years since the last edition of this book was released - and a lot has changed.  If you're still in your research phase, then we definitely recommend starting out with the 5th Edition.

However, the 5th Edition is also a brand new approach to the topic, focused more on the foundations of mobile internet.  It does not go into details on the specifics (such as products & plans) - and is more focused on what to keep an eye out for when shopping.

If you already have a solid foundation on your needs, understand the challenges of mobile internet and the basics of the options - then you might prefer to skip ahead to our more in-depth guides and product specific overviews.

You can also get yourself up to speed in our free 2017 Year End Wrap-Up and other past annual wrap-up here:  Content Updates to The Mobile Internet Handbook.

We now offer our Mobile Internet University to walk our members through our in-depth content and host regular webinars and Q&A sessions.

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This book is written to answer questions like:

 The right solution is not the same for everyone. There are so many variables - such as your budget, how much connectivity you need and your desired travel style. Whether you are just getting started or updating your existing setup, we explain the options in clear everyday terms. We include current pricing information and spell out the pros and cons of each option.
 Mobile connectivity allows many people to successfully work from the road and home school! The question is, what are you going to require to get your job done? This book will help you figure out if the realities of mobile internet will mesh with your goals.
 One of the most bandwidth intensive activities is online entertainment. We explain the challenges so you can decide what's right for you.  We also make lots of suggestions for practical alternatives.
 No single solution is going to provide an always on affordable connection that allows you to be completely mobile. This book gives you a real world perspective on each of the options, and discusses the technical challenges travelers are up against.
Not everyone will need all of the options. Some may need a simple setup and some may need to make some serious compromises to balance affordability with reality. We break it all down, explain the pros & cons so you can decide for yourself what you need to live a thrivable life on the road.
All of the carriers offer unlimited plans.. but many come with limits. We explain why those limits impact mobile travelers the most, as we're seeking home internet replacements.

This handbook is geared specifically towards US based RVers, cruisers, and nomads –
whether full-time, seasonal or those on extended excursions.

It's written in clear easy to understand language with a minimum of 'techno babble' - ideal for those not comfortable with technology to fellow geeks.

If you are setting out to explore the vast expanse of the USA for a prolonged period of time and want to remain connected while doing so, we’ve written this book for you.

The goal of The Mobile Internet Handbook is to give you the tools, knowledge and perspective to make the best choices for your unique situation.

The industry simply changes too quickly for the book alone to keep up with new products, plans and technologies - which is why we also host this site,, with our further guides, news center, videos and product overviews.

The book links to the living guide for further research on the current options.


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Is internet essential to your mobile lifestyle?

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We stay on top of the technology
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