2018 Update on Advising Sessions (No Longer Offered)

Since we launched this site in 2014, we have conducted over 125 private advising sessions.  As much as we love getting to assist our members in this format, finding the time to continue offering them as our membership and content we provide expands is becoming more and more difficult.

As our primary mission is creating resources that can help the many, the time has unfortunately come that we can no longer offer this level of in-depth personal advising.

We are considering some alternatives - such as less structured & shorter sessions, smaller video study groups or conducting advising sessions during member webinars as case studies.  We'll update this page when we figure it out.. for now, we're focused on our backlog of content creation after a crazy few months personally.

In the meantime, if you're embarking on your research - please consider utilizing many of the resources we offer.  We offer a classroom, book, videos, member forums and regular Q&A webinars. We are always delighted to assist our members in these spaces.

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