Get Personal & Private Advising from Mobile Internet Experts

Ever wished someone knowledgable would just tell you what mobile internet setup would work best for you?

Or someone could take the time to answer your questions and explain this complicated stuff in an easy to understand way?

Your advisors - Chris & Cherie

Everyone's needs are unique, and highly dependent upon how important internet is to you, your budget, your technical comfort level, and your travel style.

We've created a lot of content on this topic, and try to present it in a 'self help' sort of way. But we know how overwhelming all of the options can be to figure out and apply.

We'd love to help you navigate this stuff, and offer private advising sessions so we can take the time to get to know you and your needs to make an informed recommendation.

We're Chris and Cherie, hosts here at RVMobileInternet.com and authors of The Mobile Internet Handbook. We've been on the road ourselves since 2006, working remotely and depending on mobile internet for our livelyhood. We keep on top of a wide array of solutions, and have our finger on the pulse of this niche industry.

We'll be happy to book a private session with you to discuss your goals of keeping online while being mobile, help you understand your options and build a shopping list together designed just for you.

We are unaffiliated with any products and services - and can offer advice from our own real world use, industry knowledge as well as the thousands of fellow RVers we've talked with over the years.

We know what works, because we depend on this stuff ourselves. And we've tried a lot of it.

One session can save you hours of research and money by avoiding making mistakes in purchasing products that won't actually meet your goals. We'll help you select what we think will work best for YOUR unique situation and help you understand why.

Mobile Internet Advisor Package

The Mobile Internet Advisor package is designed to help you assess your needs and design a mobile internet setup custom tailored for your desires, travel style and budget.

Samples from 4 different advising sessions - we've not yet had two setups be exactly the same.

Samples from 4 different advising sessions - we've not yet had two setups be exactly the same.

Our sessions are ideal for those just getting started or planning for full timing, part timing or seasonal/extended RVing. Or those desiring a refresh of their setup.

Here's how it works:

  • Snapshot of the assessment interview.

    Assessment interview

    Start with an Assessment Interview: Fill out our online assessment interview in advance of our session. We'll review it and do a little preliminary research so we can maximize our time together.

  • Book your session via our online scheduling system. We set aside one or two days a month for all of our advising calls, and we do tend to get booked up a few weeks in advance. Check our availability below.
  • The Mobile Internet Handbook: To get the most out of our session, we highly recommend at least skimming through our book, which is included with this package. If you don't have time, please go over our Overview Article & Video in advance of our session so that you are familiar with the basics.
  • Video or Phone Session: Our interactive session will generally take around 45-60 minutes.
    • We use this time to make sure we understand your goals, give you some feedback, discuss your options, answer questions you might have and come up with a game plan that best makes sense for your situation. We welcome you to record the session and we take notes for you.
    • We have a strong preference for video sessions. We can host on Skype, FaceTime or Fuze (the same platform we use for our member video chats), or if you have a platform you prefer, we're open to that too. This allows us to be more interactive, do a little show-n-tell with the products we're talking about. Plus, it allows us to get to know you better so that we can give you very individualized advice.
    • But sometimes, video just isn't feasible if you or us don't have enough bandwidth to support it (after all, we ARE dealing with mobile internet here). We'll be in touch the day before our session to coordinate. If all else fails, we'll revert to a good old fashioned phone call (or if that's your preference anyway, that's great to.)
  • Sample Custom Recommendation ReportYour Custom Written Report with Shopping List: We follow-up with a custom written plan (we take notes during our session so you don't have to) for the mobile internet arsenal we recommend that balances your unique desires, travel style and budget. It'll include links to the products we recommend to make your shopping easier and links to our guides for further research.
  • Custom Illustration of Your Setup: We know it's difficult to visualize how all these components come together. So we'll create you a custom graphic that roughly illustrates the setup we've discussed with you (similar to the samples above.)
  • Long Term Follow Up Support: Got more questions, or need a little extra guidance after our initial session with setup, shopping or adjustments to your setup? You're welcome to post as many questions as you like in our member forums. Or, if you prefer, we're available for follow-up 'quick' private calls.
  • Mobile Internet Aficionados 1-Year Membership: We don't leave you hanging after our call. Which is why all of our mobile internet advising sessions are only available to our premium members. If you're not a member yet, the price reflected below includes your first year of membership (if you are a member and logged in, the price shown reflects just the advising session). This gives you access to ongoing interaction in our Q&A forums, our extensive exclusive guides & product reviews and alerts to 'keep in the know' as things change in the year ahead.  Click for more information on our membership program.

Our Plain-English Promise & Disclaimer: We promise that when you book a session we'll give you our time & attention to understand your situation, apply our unique knowledge & perspective, explain the trade-offs of different options and help you understand those options so you can make informed decisions.

We make no promises, or take responsibility, beyond that.

We can only give feedback based on our own personal & professional experiences. While we will make recommendations for products & services that we think will serve your stated needs best at this moment, we can't promise that even if you implement all of our recommendations that you'll have usable connectivity everywhere and anywhere. Or that an option we present will necessarily work for you in actuality, or that our recommendation will be the best option for now and always into the future (plans change, hardware gets discontinued, technology advances and your own needs can shift).

In the end, you are responsible for the purchasing decisions you make, how you utilize them and how you keep up with technology upgrades afterwards. Be sure to follow up your research on the items we discuss during our session before making any purchases - know the risks, customer support policies & warranty terms for each.

Book your session now:

Session Availability

We generally can only handle a few sessions a month, and still keep on top of our other responsibilities here on the resource center. Here are our upcoming advising dates & availability:

  • Thurs, May 4 - 9:30a | 11:00a EDT (all sessions booked)
  • Tues, May 16 - 9:30a | 11:00a EDT (all sessions booked)
  • We will add June sessions soon! (We won't be able accommodate late-May dates, as we're intentionally RVing to signal challenged areas for extensive & focused cellular booster testing.)


Assessment Interview
Private Phone/Video Session Length
Written Report
MIA 1yr Membership

Advising Package

MIA + Advising
Assessment Interview
Private Phone/Video Session Length : 45-60 min
Written Report
MIA 1yr Membership

Start with Membership

MIA Only
Assessment Interview
Private Phone/Video Session Length : None
Written Report
MIA 1yr Membership

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Some Frequent Questions about Booking a Session:

Our availability is displayed above - we typically have dates picked for this and next month (we just can't predict our availably beyond that). We tend to get booked up a fews weeks in advance, so we do recommend that if you want a session - grab your preferred time as soon as you can.

In order to leave time for helping our members in the forums, creating content, tracking the news and keeping sessions feeling 'fresh' (so we can best focus on YOU during our time), we've found we can only handle a handful of sessions a month. We love the one-on-one time helping our members, but they do take a lot of attention and focus.

Also, as full time RVers ourselves, we have to plan our advising days to be while we're parked with great connectivity and a minimal of nearby distractions. As we're generally non-planners, we like to minimize the number of days we have to meet those criteria.

If the dates shown don't work for you, please get in touch (info@rvmobileinternet.com) before signing up. Depending on what is up for us, we may be able to fit a session at another time, or have you on our radar to contact if all the magical conditions (great connectivity and open time) line up for us to do a last minute session.

With as quickly as technology changes - if you're looking for specific product recommendations & cellular plans, we recommend booking as close to your launch date as possible.

  • For those outfitting an existing RV, less than 2 months from when you plan to hit the road is most ideal. We can help you even after you've hit the road too.
  • If you're approaching a custom build of an RV, we can help in the planning process - generally having your session a month or two before your final specifications need to be made with your manufacturer is ideal.
  • If you're looking for some general overviews and rules of thumb for thinking ahead in your longer term planning process - feel free to book a session as far out as you like. Our interview form does ask when you're planning to hit the road. We'll avoid recommending specific products if we know you're not hitting the road within the next couple of months.
Our Mobile Internet Advisor package is meant for helping folks figure out their ideal setup for their unique needs. We've been conducting these sessions for a long time, and feel we have a perfected interview system for guiding & educating you about their right choices. It's ideal if you're in the planning process of getting ready to hit the road, or approaching a total refresh of your existing mobile internet setup.

If you've been a member for a bit and have been diving into our content, we are open to doing more freeform 'open' session. These are best for those just wanting to confirm some details of their setup, or following up from a previous advising session.

If you're on the fence... Absolutely, start with a membership.

In fact, unless you know for sure you want an advising session - this is what we recommend. Start with a membership, browse our exclusive content, get familiar with the options, maybe even ask a couple questions in the forums. We find most folks can come up with a solution using our resources if they're willing to put the time into reading & watching videos.

If you decide later you would like a private advising session, you can always book one later. There's no special discount with this advising package that you'd be missing out on, it's offered more as a convenience to pay all at once if you so desire.

If you do book a full advising package and later decide you don't need it, just let us know - we're happy to refund unredeemed sessions.

Usually, covering mobile internet takes the entire session, and there isn't time cover other topics - such as solar, batteries, RV life, working on the road, etc.

When we have open time and availability, we are sometimes open to booking an 'Open' session to have a casual conversation on other topics. We however just don't have the time to offer for formal advising, planning or consultations outside of mobile internet. Don't expect any reports, pre-research, looking over your diagrams, etc.

Please contact us in advance if you'd like such a session - we only do these on an as available basis.

We have worked with North American based RVers of all sorts over the years - from those working on the road, homeschooling and retirees. From full timers, seasonal RVers to those out on a specific short term journey. From US based RVers to those traveling the US who are citizens of other countries.  We've even helped US-based boaters.

Whether your needs are an (almost) always-on high bandwidth setup, or just checking in online every so often, we can help steer you down the best path. We also do adjust our advice and language in explaining things based on YOUR technical comfort level.

Situations we know we can't help much with include traveling outside of North America and boating beyond North American coastlines. And stationary living setups just aren't our wheelhouse (after all, they have no wheels.) We're probably also not great resources for space travels at this point (but we dream!).

If you have a unique situation and are unsure if we'll be able to help, feel free to write us at info@rvmobileinternet.com and give us a brief synopsis of what you'd like help with. Please mention that you're considering a session, and we'll advise if we think we have information or experience to share that would be of help.

We understand plans can change, and things come up. However, we do go to great lengths to clear time and route towards connectivity in our own travels to be available for these sessions.

We ask for at least 72 hours advance notification of cancellation, so that we might have time to re-book your session or adjust our own travel plans. With advanced notification, we will be happy to re-book you at a later date or provide a full refund.

If your cancellation comes in closer to your scheduled date, and we are unable to rebook the session - we will be happy to give you 50% credit towards rebooking at a later date. If we are able to rebook with another client, we'll treat this as giving ample advanced notification (see above).

However, if we are unable to reach you for our scheduled session due to you giving us incorrect contact information, not having enough connectivity to reliably connect or just not being available - we can not offer any credit towards rebooking.  (Obviously, if the connectivity problem is on our end, we'll reschedule as needed.) Please make sure you have given us the correct information to reach you and that you will have ample connectivity for our session - we make every effort to connect that is feasible on our end. We also send a confirmation a day in advance with the contact information we have on file for you.