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The best, most complete guide to mobile internet available

 "I just began reading my copy, but can already tell that this is without a doubt the best, most complete guide to mobile internet available."

Amanda Watson
Ridiculously useful product

"There’s chapters in there for cell phones and data plans, satellite, WiFi, boosters, and plenty more… and it’s all presented in an easy to understand way, even for . . .

This Book Will Help You

If you’re planning on hitting the road and want to stay connected to the Internet, you’ll need to get up to speed on a lot of complex systems.
This book will help you
Chances are you’re . . .

Eric Mikowski
This book gets a LOVE YOUR RV! two thumbs up
Screen Shot 2014-10-12 at 10.16.34 PM

The book is written in a way that is useful to all kinds of people. Whether you’re a total technical neophyte (RVing newbie) all the way up to a communications guru (veteran full-timer), I . . .

Ray Burr
The gurus that beat all other gurus

"Let’s face it guys, you are the gurus that beat all other gurus. What you don’t know you learn and what you learn you are able to disseminate in an easy to learn and . . .

Sonja Barrie
Thumbs-up from the paleo-technomad

This book is excellent, equally applicable to boaters, land-travelers, rural dwellers, and mobile connected folk of all stripes. The range of topics is broad, the authors know their stuff, the material . . .

I have learned more than I could ever hope to imagine

"In this fast changing technology they have provided breaking news and provided thought about what coming changes might mean to me. They have provided answers to specific questions and I have learned . . .

David Cross
Making this process understandable and much easier

"RV travel in the 21st century is made much easier through being connected to the internet. Thanks to Technomadia's Handbook for making this process understandable and . . .

New Kindle eBook helps RVers master mobile Internet

"In the handbook, the authors help readers assess their Internet needs, set realistic expectations, explain their options, and overview the challenges of mobile connectivity. It will be useful to both . . .

The Digital RVer
The best and most up-to-date guide

"Whether you’re a full-timer or weekend warrior, retired or working on the roll, staying connected is important to every RVer, even if it’s just for e-mail, an occasional . . .

Another Fabulous Resource!
mark emily

I think it will become the internet access bible to most RVers, and not just a handbook!!

Helped me tremendously along with saving me money

“I am a proud member of MIA and I am also an IT professional with over 25 years experience mainly in large corporate networking. I have a number of Cisco and other certifications and am very knowledgeable . . .

Jim Power
I can’t recommend this site enough

If you rely on mobile connectivity for your travels and are looking for concise, clear and relevant info I can’t recommend this . . .

Nina Fussing
Well researched and well written

One of the questions we get as full-time RVers is "How do you stay connected?" All the answers are in The Mobile Internet Handbook. Well researched and well written . . .

John & Kathy Huggins

The Mobile Internet Handbook confirms everything that I have researched on my own and provides additional information on options and products that I . . .

Howard & Linda
Worth Every Penny

"There are several benefits to membership in this group, but by far the most valuable part for us is receiving current information and updated reviews on changing technology . . .

Howard & Linda
David Cross on The Mobile Internet Handbook

"I thought I knew quite a bit about what was needed to stay online as I travel about the U.S. but decided to get The Internet Mobile Handbook when it was released . . .

David Cross
A really comprehensive and understandable guide
Sonja Barrie.jpg

I have been in the tech/computer industry for 35+ years and rarely have I come across a book that lays out the technicalities of a subject in such an easy to understand way.

There are many insights . . .

This group keeps me ahead of the connectivity curve!

"Staying connected on the move is a part of our livelihood but trying to stay up to date with everything from carriers to plan changes and new devices, has become impossible…that . . .

THE go-to resources for mobile Internet connectivity

"Now that Technomadia has teamed up with Jack Mayer there is no question that The Mobile Internet Handbook and Mobile Internet Aficionados website are THE go-to resources . . .

Bruce & Linda
Our number one source to mobile connectivity!

"As full time RV'ers one of the hardest things to do is keep up on all of the latest technology. It takes a great deal of time, effort, and gadget accessibility to research the pros and cons of the . . .

Dan & Jonell