A really comprehensive and understandable guide

I have been in the tech/computer industry for 35+ years and rarely have I come across a book that lays out the technicalities of a subject in such an easy to understand way.

There are many insights and gotchas in the book that you would spend months researching the web to find, if you found them at all except by installing equipment yourself and realizing your mistake after the fact. You can read every word and go as deep as you like or skip to the parts that you are interested in. It is sprinkled with humor and good advice (ie have a box of wine on hand and learn to compromise ;o) and covers everyone from those that need a bit of email now and again to real internet junkies like us that need to be connected 24/7 for our business (and who can't afford Air Force One!).

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All I can say is thank you so much Chris and Cherie for pulling all this together into one fabulous resource guide.