Product Overview: RF Signal Meter by WilsonPro (Accessory)


The WilsonPro RF Signal Meter is a quad-band signal meter that can be used to map the frequency environment, point directional antennas, and maximize signal booster coverage installation projects.

This meter works with 800 MHz (Cellular), 1900MHz (PCS), 2100 MHz (AWS) and 700 MHz LTE (bands 12 and 13) frequency bands. It measures wireless signal for Voice/3G/4G/LTE for all carriers in the US.

You can use the meter to receive and measure an outside RF wireless signal from the air, an installed outdoor antenna or you can direct connect the field antenna via a RF Connector.

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The LCD screen displays frequency of a detected signal, the range of pass bandwidth in megahertz (MHz) and the signal strength in decibels (dB). Button controls located just under the screen allow the user to move between frequency bands and channels.


  • Dimensions: 1.25” x 3.25” x 7”
  • Frequencies: Band 12/13/17 – LTE (728-756 MHz) • Band 5 – CELL (869-894 MHz) • Band 25 – PCS (1930-1995 MHz) • Band 4 – AWS (2110-2155 MHz)728-746  / 746-757 /  869-894  / 1930-1990/ 2110-2155 MHz
  • Sensitivity: - 110dBm
  • Impedance: 50 ohm
  • Antennas:
    • (included) zero gain antenna
    • (optional add-on) wide-band panel antenna 700-2700MHz
  • Connecter: (optional add-on) SMA Male to N-Male
  • Active Working Life: 6 hours
  • Power: (both)
    • AC Power
    • DC Plug-In 5.5V/2A Power Supply & USB Cable
  • Retail Price: $330-$529

Testing Status: We are not currently testing this product.

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WilsonPro RF Signal Meter
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Quick Take

The WilsonPro RF signal meter measures wireless signal for Voice/3G/4G/LTE for all major carriers in the US.

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