In Review: 4G Slim Interior Antenna by weBoost (Cellular Antennas)

weBoost's latest interior antenna, created to provide better gain, more coverage area, and more installation options than its predecessor, the 'Hershey Bar' antenna.

weBoost cellular boosters have long been top performers for nomads looking to enhance cellular signals. The company's product packages have historically included an exterior antenna, a booster unit, and an interior antenna.

In comparison with their previous interior antenna rendition (the "Hershey Bar") the 4G Slim is a smaller,  powered via a cord at the end of the antenna and is designed with a lower loss cable, which should reduce signal loss on the antenna.

The 4G Slim is reported to support higher frequency bands than the classic "Hershey Bar" or Desktop antennas, as can be seen in the charts below.

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The charts show that the 4G Slim antenna provides more consistent gain across a wider range of frequencies, though some frequency bands are actually slightly diminished.

The new 4G Slim antenna is designed with a different radiation pattern than its predecessor, the "Hershey Bar."  The 4G Slim produces a larger omnidirectional radiation pattern, hopefully increasing the range of devices boosted. The 4G Slim appears to want to radiate in a fashion more similar to the Desktop antenna edition than its predecessor candy bar antenna.

This means the 4G Slim antenna should work more effectively than the "Hershey Bar" in providing a radius for devices needing boosting - regardless of whether it's mounted horizontally or vertically. weBoost still recommends mounting vertically for the best performance, however.

The antenna is designed to go along with the weBoost Drive 4G-X and 4G-M cellular booster kits - and is available as a stand alone purchase. By mid-2018, future 4G-X Vehicle & OTR and 4G-M booster kits should be shipping with this antenna included.


  • Model: 314401
  • Type: Omni-directional
  • Impedance: 50 Ohms
  • Cable Type & Length: LMR100, 10ft
  • Connector: SMA-Male
  • Internal Ground Plane: N/A
  • Dimensions: 3.2 x 1.4 x .5
  • Mounting: Velcro / Adhesive
  • Frequency / Gain:
    700-800 Mhz: 2.3 dB
    824 - 894 Mhz: 2.3 dB
    880 - 960 Mhz: 2.3 dB
    1710 - 1880 Mhz: 2.5 dB
    1850 - 1990 Mhz: 2.5 dB
    2500 - 2700 Mhz: 5.1 dB
  • Retail Price:  $24.99

Testing Status: weBoost has sent us an evaluation antenna to test and we have included this unit in our latest round of testing (1st Quarter 2018). Our field testing results can be found here, for our members who want to follow along: Cellular Signal & Embedded Router Field Testing – IBR900 | MAX-BR1 | Drive Sleek | MIMO Antennas (1st Quarter 2018)

Below is our quick video with first impressions:

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weBoost's newest interior antenna.

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