Product Overview: Verizon Ellipsis Jetpack MHS800L / MHS815L by Franklin Wireless (Mobile WiFi Hotspot)


The only thing that seems different on the MHS815L compared with the MHS800L is that it now features Verizon's new logo.

The only thing that seems different on the MHS815L compared with the MHS800L is that it now features Verizon's new logo.

The Ellipsis Jetpack MHS800L was released in December 2014, and it remains in Verizon's lineup as the carrier's most basic mobile hotspot.

Though it costs $50 less than Verizon's flagship hotspot models, the MHS800L is a major step down.

If you're considering a Verizon hotspot purchase, it's probably better to go with the Novatel 7730L or the Netgear AC791L instead - both of which will give you more capability and much more 'future-proofing'.

NOTE: In August 2016 Franklin and Verizon released the MHS815L, which appears to be identical in all ways other than branding to the older MHS800L, which is now only available from Verizon as "Certified Pro-Owned".


  • Battery Life: 10 hours (not removable)
  • # of Connected Devices: 8 Wi-Fi / No USB Tethering
  • Networks supported: Verizon LTE Bands: 4, 13
    4G/3G/2G: No fallback - LTE only!
  • LTE-Advanced Carrier Aggregation: No
  • LTE Performance Category: Category 3
    (Max Theoretical Speed: 100Mbps Down / 50Mbps Up)
  • Cellular Antenna Ports: Dual unofficial "test ports" - TS9 connector.
  • Wi-Fi Technology / Frequencies: 802.11 b/g/n - 2.4GHz only
  • Dimensions: 3.07" x 2.2" x 0.49" /  2.9 oz
  • SIM Card Type: 3FF / Micro SIM
  • Retail Price:  $149 / $99 (refurbished)

Testing Status: There are other much more capable options in Verizon's lineup, and we have not felt this limited hotspot was worth a hands on look.

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Purchasing Options

Be careful when shopping on eBay and make sure that you're buying JUST the mobile hotspot, and not also a rental Verizon data plan.

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Quick Take

A very basic Verizon mobile hotspot that lacks in key features.

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