Product Overview: Rental Unlimited Data Plans by Unlimitedville (Cellular Data Plans)


Unlimitedville is a small company out of Tennessee that has been providing cellular services to folks in rural areas who can't get cable or DSL services.

They now also offer a 14-day trial, and all plans require a $99-249 upfront membership fee (which includes the mobile hotspot or router purchase to use with the plan.)  All of the plans are on a no-contract month-to-month basis, require no credit checks and are available to consumers and businesses alike. Customers are billed directly from Unlimitedville, and do not have a direct relationship with the carriers.

Unlimitedville offers easy one-stop shopping and reported great customer service - but is essentially only marking up leased unlimited plans from other resellers.

If you're willing to do a little research (using our guide to Unlimited Data Options), you can generally obtain similar plans for significantly less per month. One direct competitor is UnlimitedToGo - which offers the similar plans on all carriers for much cheaper prices.

Here are the plans they offer:

Got Coverage?
  • Yellow - On Sprints network - $149/mo.
  • Pink - On T-Mobile's network for $149/month
  • Blue - On AT&T's network for $199/month
  • Red - On Verizon's network for $249/month

Policies & Perks:

  • Domestic Roaming: All of these plans include domestic roaming subject to the caps placed by each carrier.
  • Throttling: All plans are advertised to be unthrottled and not subject to network management; however, be sure to read fine print, as we have found Unlimitedville's own fine print to contradict advertised throttle and network management points at times.
  • International: No international data usage is included on the Verizon, Sprint or AT&T plan. Slow speed international is included with the T-Mobile plan.
  • Mobile Hotspot Use: All plans are mobile hotspot only plans (not for use in smartphones.) Hotspot or cellular embedded router must be purchased through Unlimitedville.
  • Data Roll Over: All data is unlimited, there is no rollover data to be concerned with.
  • Overage Charges: There are no overage charges on prepaid or unlimited plans.
  • Streaming: There are no restrictions on streaming video on these plans.

Testing Status: sent us their T-Mobile plan (May 2016) and their AT&T plan (August 2016) for evaluation. We used each extensively and did not noticed any throttling or other issues as compared to plans direct with the carriers. They work as advertised.

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Quick Take

Unlimitedville offers unlimited data options on AT&T, T-Mobile & Verizon. They offer one-stop shopping for the plans, but they don't always have the best pricing.

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