Product Overview: Teltik – Authorized T-Mobile Reseller (Cellular Data Plans)

Teltik is a prepaid T-Mobile Authorized Reseller that offers T-Mobile Business service on smartphones.

Through Teltik, it is not hard to qualify as a "business" account - folks who work as Uber drivers have reportedly been able to verify through sending Teltik a photo of their Uber dash.

T-Mobile is the self proclaimed 'Uncarrier', having shaken up the industry by implementing policies not seen before, such as flat rate pricing and zero rated video & audio streaming.

T-Mobile has pretty good urban coverage in the USA that is currently undergoing rapid expansion with the deployment of Band 12, however they are still a distant 3rd carrier in terms of coverage. While they are rapidly expanding their network, their data network is still weak outside of urban areas, and has a lot of roaming areas which will be quite slow. To get their newest coverage, you must have a newer device that supports Band 12.

As a T-Mobile authorized retailer, Teltik is able to offer many perks that T-Mobile MVNOs cannot, such as 'Binge On' (zero rated video streaming) on plans greater than 3GB and T-Mobile Tuesdays.

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Some folks may be wary that Teltik is run by the same folks who ran Harbor Mobile.

Teltik Policies & Perks:

  • Domestic Roaming:  Service includes 200MB of free domestic roaming across the United States. Text notifications are sent out at 80% & 100% use of domestic roaming data.
  • International: Text and data coverage can be enabled (after 30 days of service) by emailing Teltik directly, in over 140 countries and destinations at no additional charge. Calls are 30 cents per minute internationally. WiFi calling back to the US are free. (See here for more info)
  • Mobile Hotspot Use: Different plans offer varying amounts and/or speeds of mobile hotspot use. Mobile hotspot speeds are capped to 3G/600kbps.
  • Data Roll Over: Data Rollover (Data Stash) is included with some plans.
  • Overage Charges: No overage charges - after allotment of high-speed data is used, speeds are throttled.
  • Streaming: All plans 3GB or higher include 'Binge On' and 'Music Freedom' zero rated streaming.
  • Unlimited Data Plans: Several different unlimited plans are offered, with pricing dependent on device. Network Management kicks in at 30GB.

Testing Status: We do not keep a Teltik plan.

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Quick Take

T-Mobile authorized reseller offering prepaid business plans with most of the perks of a direct T-Mobile account, at competitive prices.

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